Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It For Golfers? (With 10 pros and cons!)

Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It For Golfers
Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It For Golfers? (With 10 pros and cons!) –

Golf is predominantly played during the day, and this means plenty of sunlight. One of the downsides to dealing with significant sunlight is that you have glare.

The glare could cause squinting, and it could cause temporary blindness in many severe situations. Sunglasses are the remedy, but are polarized sunglasses worth it for golfers?

The idea of wearing sunglasses is to help the player see the ball as it leaves the clubface. Due to the rays of the sun, it could make it extremely difficult for players to keep significant track of the ball as it leaves the clubface. The use of polarized sunglasses ensures that some of the glare is blocked coming from the sun, resulting in better vision.

To understand some of the benefits of polarized sunglasses for golf, we should dive a bit deeper and look at how effective they can be.

The article aims to explore polarized sunglasses and help you better understand how they work and the benefits they will provide. We will look at why and how these polarized options are useful for golfers.

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What Is Polarized Sunglasses?

The polarized lenses in sunglasses contain a special chemical that overlays the sunglasses, preventing light from penetrating. The chemical will form a block or shield in front of the sunglasses, which helps to reduce some of the rays. This is where polarized sunglasses come from.

And, while the sun directly beams down rays of light to the surface of the earth, modern inventions have created numerous surfaces that do not absorb sunlight.

It rather bounces the sunlight off these shiny objects, which can scatter the light in various directions. Unfortunately, the light often reflects into your eyes when playing golf.

The main aim of polarized sunglasses is to stop any glare or rebounding sunlight from coming through your eyes. This means that you will see a clear path in front of you, while someone without glasses might need to squint and block out the glare.

It helps significantly to track the golf ball as it moves through the air.

When Should You Use Polarized Sunglasses On The Golf Course?

It is best to use polarized sunglasses on severe sunny days when you have to deal with significant sunrays that are beaming down directly into your line of sight. In cloudy conditions, the sun might be blocked, meaning that your glasses will not have such a significant effect on blocking out the sun rays from your eyes.

Keep in mind that not all surfaces reflect light in the same manner, and you often have to deal with specific surfaces on certain golf courses.

Water and bunkers, which contain sand, have a stable surface that often acts as a mirror, which will bounce the light off and into your eyes. This is when temporary blindness or involuntary squinting of the eyes occurs.

6 Benefits Of Using Polarized Sunglasses For Golf

Once you understand how polarized sunglasses work, you can easily figure out where they would benefit you most on the golf course.

Unfortunately, these glasses are not perfect, and there are situations where they might not prove useful. Here are some of the main benefits of using polarized sunglasses for golf:

1- UV Protection

Most of us have heard about the effects of UV rays on our eyes. The sun emits harmful UV rays in the form of UVA, AVB, and UVC rays. The idea of sunglasses is that they would help to block out some of these rays.

While polarized compounds don’t directly block out UV rays, they are often combined with a UV-blocking tint. You will find that the use of these UV-blocking compounds is synonymous with polarized glasses, and many can block as much as 100% of UV rays.

2- Reduction In Eye Fatigue

Much like working on your PC for an entire day, you will need plenty of concentration when it comes to playing golf. The more you concentrate, the more fatigue your eyes get, and you often lose sight and concentration.

Since an 18-hole round of golf can take up to 6 hours to complete, the polarized sunglasses aim to alleviate some of the strain and fatigue on your eyes.

3- Better Visual Clarity

The main purpose of polarized sunglasses is to provide you with the maximum level of visual clarity you can think of.

The idea is that glare coming from the sun would bounce off various objects and block your vision. Due to the polarized compound, it significantly reduces this from happening and will improve your vision and your line of sight when playing golf.

4- Improved Visual Acuity

The clarity and acuity aspects of polarized sunglasses might seem similar but provide different benefits. If you are in a situation where you are staring directly into a sunrise or sunset, you won’t be able to follow the golf ball through the air with the naked eye. This could lead to lost golf balls and cost you shots.

The polarized sunglasses have a dark filter, which often makes it easier to stare directly into the sun. Bear in mind that you should avoid directly staring into the sun as much as possible.

However, if the situation does arise and you have no other choice, you could be saved by sunglasses to keep track of the ball’s flight and landing.

5- Professional Look

While not all professional golfers will use polarized sunglasses, many prefer them to be the only way to look more professional.

Players like Ian Poulter are rarely seen without their polarized sunglasses, making them look more professional. I understand that many would debate the fact that it is all about how you play.

However, one BBC study has indicated that people wearing sunglasses often feel more confident in their abilities (Source: Penn State University)

This might be an old poker adage, but wearing sunglasses reduces someone’s chances of directly staring into your eyes. It gives the wearer some form of unpredictability. These minor psychological effects could boost confidence and slightly improve your game.

6- Versatility

The final aspect worth considering is versatility. Aside from playing golf, there are numerous other situations, like fishing and driving, when you rely on sunglasses.

In both these activities, you are bound to deal with the same glare coming from the sun, which could significantly hamper your abilities and block vision.

Sunglasses tend to offer you versatility, and you can use the same glasses you wear whilst fishing or driving for golf. This means you have to make one purchase that could cover your daily activities and hobbies. This sure makes sunglasses, especially polarized ones, a solid investment for the golfer.

4 Drawbacks Of Sunglasses On The Golf Course

Wearing sunglasses might seem and look fun. However, you might notice that it could affect certain aspects of your game or daily life. Fortunately, you can remove sunglasses when they are not needed.

However, here are some of the drawbacks that you might need to deal with when it comes to wearing sunglasses on the golf course:

7- Depth Perception

Whilst the chemical compound on polarized sunglasses would help prevent glare and block out some of the sun rays, it could potentially affect your depth perception.

The most common situation when this occurs is often during putting. Many studies have shown that it is harder for players to reach and judge the greens efficiently.

8- Distorted Vision

One of the downsides of playing with polarized sunglasses is that you might run into situations when you have some distorted vision.

Many players have noted running the risk of dizziness, nausea, and headaches whilst wearing these glasses.

It is most commonly seen when players choose subpar sunglass brands. However, brands like Oakley tend to be reliable.

9- Lacks Full Glare Protection

Once again, this issue hinges on your type and brand of sunglasses. One common issue some users experience is that glare protection is not sufficient.

When you naturally tilt your head one way or the other, you might still find some glare seeping through and affecting your vision. You must buy sunglasses specifically made for golf.

10- Expensive

Finally, polarized sunglasses are some of the more expensive on the market today. It can be daunting to buy these sunglasses, and many people would often choose cheaper brands.

However, the effectiveness of these cheaper brands might not be as good. This means that you will end up buying the most expensive options.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It For Golfers?

Polarized sunglasses are worth it for golfers as they can improve your golf experience by stopping light glare from hitting you directly in the eye. Polarized sunglasses can give you clearer, more accurate vision and soothe some eye strain. I suggest you invest in polarized sunglasses, even when wearing sunglasses, if you are squinting a lot.

Polarized sunglasses can also boost self-confidence, according to a study. The researcher concluded that the sunglasses mask golfers’ eyes, making them appear mysterious to read emotions and expressions. This gives you, as a golfer, a sense of unpredictability and power, leading to more confidence.

However, wearing polarized sunglasses at night can be dangerous because the darkened lens can make it harder to see in low-light situations. 

Final Thoughts

Polarized sunglasses are among the best sunglasses on the market today. However, they often lack certain critical aspects, which tend to make them harder to use.

Depth perception is one of the biggest drawbacks. Fortunately, there are many great benefits that you could get from buying polarized glasses. Let us know in the comment section which you prefer.

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