Average Cost Of Custom Fit Golf Clubs – How Much And Is It Worth It?

Average Cost Of Custom Fit Golf Clubs

Any golfer looking to improve their game or even take it to the next level should consider visiting a club fitter that could assist them in finding the right golf clubs.

However, this might be an expensive endeavor for some people, and you will need to visit your local golf shop to get an idea of the average cost of custom fit golf clubs.

As you might have guessed, it can be expensive to have your clubs fitted to perfection, with costs of $100 per golf club not uncommon for some people who want to improve their game. You could even pay as much as $500 to have all your golf clubs fitted to your needs, but improving your game and adapting clubs to your style is often worth it.

Club fitting is one of the most underrated things you do as a golfer, and many people that play golf casually believe the clubs they have bought fit them to perfection.

However, when you compare players who have been to a club fitter before and after, you can see even more significant changes in performances and how they play.

This article aims to give you a closer look at club fitting, find out some of the costs, and ultimately help you determine whether it is worth your time and effort to do so.

We will look at some of the intricate details that often surround club fitting and also look at why many professional golfers have such perfect clubs.

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What Does A Club Fitter Do?

Club fitting is a common golf concept that might intimidate many new golfers, but it only means finding golf clubs that offer you the best performance. A club fitter will take numerous measurements and look at some of the data from your game and swing style. Using this, they can adjudicate which club lengths and types would work best for you.

A club fitter will focus on improving the following aspect of your game:

  • Consistency: A club fitter will focus on making sure you have more consistency when striking the golf ball. They aim to get you to get the ball in the center of the club head, which is commonly known as the “sweet spot.”
  • Keeping The Club Flush To The Ground: Another aspect of the club fitter is ensuring the club is square to the ground when you impact with the golf ball. The idea also focuses on providing you with the best consistency while playing.
  • Improve Overall Performance: Finally, the club fitter’s job is to ensure consistency from the player. By making sure each club is perfectly set up and the lengths have been accounted for, they can make sure you improve your overall game performance.

Since golf clubs are complicated tools used in the game of golf, it is worth noting that a club fitter needs to understand all these concepts to make the right recommendations.

Club fitters take into account various factors like the length, loft, lie, swing weight, materials, flex, and many more to ensure players are kitted with the right gear.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Clubs Fitted?

Most stores will charge you between $50 and $100 to fit a single club, which could be daunting when you consider you might have around 10 clubs in your bag. However, some also offer bundle deals, which means you pay a cheaper price to fit the full bag of clubs. In terms of the averages we find, you will pay between $250 and $350 if you are looking to fit your full bag of clubs. 

I know you probably have clicked on this page to find out what it would cost you to have your clubs fitted right. Unfortunately, it is hard to determine the exact prices, and this could vary depending on where you are in the world. We have focused on finding the average that it would cost you per club and per bag.

And, keep in mind that some shops offer free club fitting when you buy golf clubs directly from them. You could find that certain manufacturers will offer additional after-sale services that often include adjusting and fitting the clubs.

Unfortunately, you won’t have this luxury if you buy your golf clubs online, which could make them expensive.

How Do The PGA Tour Players Fit Their Clubs?

If you have ever seen someone like Tiger Woods play with a specific shaft or golf club, you will notice that their golf clubs might seem different from those you can buy from the store. Even if you buy the exact golf club that your favorite pro player is using, you could find that it does not feel the same as it looks when they use it.

You should understand that professional players make a livelihood from golf, which means they will pay almost anything to be the best. These pro tour players are often measured, and their style is taken into account before the club is even made. Sponsors and club manufacturers will tailor these golf clubs to the exact measurements of a Bubba Watson or Tiger Woods.

Fortunately, you can also ask for the same special club fittings from your favorite brands. However, this could cost you far more than the standard club would cost you off the shelf.

Additionally, you will still need a pro club fitter to assess your style and swing to make sure that the clubs designed for you are the absolute best they could be.

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Average Cost Of Custom Fit Golf Clubs

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Clubs Fitted?

If you decide to bite the bullet and have all your clubs fitted, you could notice a few benefits. Many of these benefits will affect your game and ensure that you have better performance than some of your counterparts.

For those looking to fit their golf clubs via a professional club fitter, here are a few benefits you could get:

1- Consistency

As mentioned, one of the main factors to keep in mind when playing golf is your consistency off the tee. When your golf clubs fit your style, you don’t need to make any micro corrections each time you play.

Since it is hard to be consistent when making these corrections, you could have your clubs fitted for an overall better game.

2- Improved Control And Feel

In the world of golf, having a good feel for your golf clubs can allow you to control the golf ball better when you are playing. You can see the improved control and feel when your golf clubs are perfectly fitted.

If you want to play a fade or draw shot, you should be able to do this with much more confidence. Adding spin to your shots should also be much easier for many players.

3- More Distance

Believe it or not, players with fitted golf clubs generally tend to have better distances. Given that these statistics are skewed and include some of the professional players like Rory McIlroy, it makes sense.

If your clubs are fitted, you have more confidence due to the overall consistency you are playing with, which means you could improve overall yardage. 

Is It Worth Getting Your Golf Clubs Fitted?

It is totally worth getting custom fit golf clubs. If you were to look at the back of a typical set of off-the-shelf clubs, they would usually have various markings and loft and lie angles. Ensuring your putter’s lie, length, and loft perfectly match your swing will improve your accuracy, distance control, and feel. Getting custom fit golf clubs will make you feel better when you use them.

However, casual players who enjoy playing golf every Sunday do not need to have their clubs fitted. Unless you are in serious competition with your friends and family, you can buy clubs and adjust your game to make them work.

We have determined three reasons that make it worth it to have your clubs fitted.

  • Taller Than Average: Most golf clubs are made for the average player that is under six feet. This means that a player tall than this will need to have his clubs adjusted for optimal performance.
  • Shorter Than Average: If you are shorter than the average person, you could find that standard clubs are too long for a comfortable swing. This could encourage you to find a fitter for your clubs.
  • Looking To Go Pro: It goes without saying that if you want to be the best, you should follow in the footsteps of the greats. You don’t need to redesign the wheel for golf, and having your clubs fitted could help you become a pro player.

When Should You Get Fitted For Golf Clubs?

Regular golf players should get fitted for clubs every five years. Wedges and forged irons must be checked every two years because of extra wear and tear, while fitted putters last a lifetime. Drivers are worth rechecking with fitters every five years for better options, but gains vs. costs must be assessed at each fitting.

And, since it comes at such an expensive price, it is understandable that many amateur golfers are wondering if it is actually worth it. In essence, it might be essential that you have your clubs fitted, but this will only apply to certain players.

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Wrapping Up

Golf is already an expensive sport, and when you buy new golf clubs, you can see just how expensive it can be.

Club fitting adds another layer of costs to an already expensive game, but it is worth it if you want to be the best. Have you had your golf clubs fitted before?


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