5 Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers(What to consider when picking yours!)

A golf ball is an integral piece of equipment required to play the sport. You may use different clubs to play golf, but the ball remains constant throughout the game. So you must choose the right type for your needs.

Most high handicappers have slow swing speeds and require specific golf balls to suit their skills. Of course, you may also have a faster speed. So you must consider buying the best golf balls for high handicappers.

Fortunately, there is no need to search extensively for the products. Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you.

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Do Golf Balls Matter For High Handicappers?

Generally, high handicappers benefit from a softer compression and lower spinning golf ball. In addition, high handicaps will probably go through their fair share of balls while playing golf, and golf balls’ price is an essential factor to consider. 

The quality of the golf balls you use matters and impacts your game. Higher-end and quality golf balls generally have a urethane cover, which leads to greater ‘feel’ and spin control.

More importantly, premium golf balls often perform longer and consistently hold greens, which will help you shoot lower scores.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Here are the top factors you must consider before purchasing the best golf balls for high handicappers:

1- Materials

The material of your golf is integral because it affects your swing speed, the ball’s traveling distance, and durability.

Urethane and ionomer are two primary components for the outer covering of golf balls for high handicappers. However, hybrid material is more suitable and allows you to enjoy a better experience.

Brands such as Callaway and Titleist are famous for using hybrid composition. So their golf balls have higher durability and better flight trajectory.

2- Compression

The best golf balls for high handicappers come with a compression rating that determines the toughness of the equipment. The rating may be from 30 to 120. A lower figure means that less speed will be required to hit the ball and cover a great distance.

Meanwhile, a golf ball with a higher rating will require you to use a fast club head. A softball with a low rating is the best item for most high handicappers. This is because such players have slower swing speeds.

3- Colors

You may not consider color to be an important factor because most people play with white golf balls. However, you can choose from various shades to enjoy high visibility. There is no steadfast rule in golf that your ball must be white.

  • Orange balls are suitable for high handicappers who play during the daytime in cloudless weather.
  • Yellow types are better in low light, and green is best for overcast conditions.
  • A colored ball is also recommended for high handicappers who hit all around the course.

4- Dimples

Best golf balls for high handicappers contain 300 to 400 dimples. Every manufacturer uses a different dimpling method. However, the purpose remains the same. Dimples are mainly used for reducing drag and enhancing lift so that your ball covers more distance.

Typically, you should check the specifications to see what the company is saying about the dimples. You can use the information to determine whether the ball will suit your needs.

5 Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Choosing suitable golf balls is essential to improving your golf game. Here are the reviews of the best golf balls for high handicappers that you can buy:

1- Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Callaway has been the top brand for golf equipment for many years. Its Supersoft golf balls are best for high handicappers due to their low compression of 38. This means you can easily use hit the ball with a slow swing speed and cover a greater distance.

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls for high handicappers are also made of hybrid material and impact modifier cover. So the item is fast and launches with a better trajectory than other golf balls.

The best part is that the ball also has a low spin with high control around the green parts of the course.

– Soft feeling for better flight
– 332 hexagonal dimples of various shapes for better control
– It comes in six different colors
– Durable construction
– It is not suitable for practicing with drivers
The Table Displays Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Characteristics – golfingsphere.com.

2- TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls For High Handicappers

TaylorMade Distance+ is designed for all high handicappers with slow to medium swing speeds. This is because of the medium compression rating of 77. You can easily achieve the right impact and cover a good distance by hitting the ball at a slow or medium pace.

The soft ionomer cover of the ball also allows you to enjoy low spin and better control on the course. The TaylorMade golf balls for high handicappers are also resistant to high wear and tear, such as scuffing. The best thing is that the ball comes with a built-in alignment system for putting the ball easily.

– It performs like high-end golf balls but has a lower price tag
– Two-layer construction for high durability and low spin
– Aerodynamic dimple pattern for a higher launch
– Covers great distance due to high responsiveness
– It comes in only white and yellow colors
The Table Contains TaylorMade Distance+ Pros And Cons – golfingsphere.com.

3- Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Titleist is another famous brand that makes exceptional golf balls for high handicappers. Their TruFeel is best if you want a soft item compatible with slow swing speed. The ball has a responsive core to maintain a low spin on the course.

This is why you don’t need to worry if you generate a high spin when hitting golf balls. The Titleist TruFeel golf balls for high handicappers will offer you more control and enjoy a faster trajectory.

What’s so great is that the ball will also align your shots so that the ball travels straighter. This feature is mainly helpful when putting the hole.

– It performs exceptionally well during iron shots
– The ball has a soft feel
– Polyurethane construction enhances durability significantly.
– It comes with four different sleeves for better visibility
– It is not the best option for high handicappers with greater swing speeds
The Table Contains Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls For High Handicappers Information – golfingsphere.com.

4- Bridgestone Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Bridgestone is a well-reputed brand for golf equipment because of its premium construction and low price. The Bridgestone’s e12 ball is best for high handicappers who want to deliver greater spin while covering more distance.

The Bridgestone golf balls for high handicappers have two versions released in 2019 and 2021. You can also enjoy four colors for high visibility, three of which have matte construction. However, the best part of this golf ball is that you can get a dozen balls for under $15.

– The most budget-friendly golf ball for high handicappers
– It is made of high-quality polymer material for a long lifespan
– The ball has a delta dimple wing pattern for low drag and high lift
– A raised central area for greater contact and better distance coverage
– It straightens all shots, which makes it less flexible than other golf balls.
The Table Shows Bridgestone Golf Balls For High Handicappers Characteristics – golfingsphere.com.

5- Srixon Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Srixon Soft Feel is an excellent piece of equipment for high handicappers with extremely slow swing speeds. The ionomer cover will allow you to enjoy a softer feeling on all pitches. It will also offer more spin on greenside paths to score easily.

The simple dimple pattern is also best for achieving high accuracy on all shots. The Srixon golf balls for high handicappers also come with two-piece compression and a low rating to help you experience a better trajectory than standard golf balls. 

The best thing is that the ball comes with side stamps that allow you to enjoy better alignment.

– Side stamps for greater alignment
– Suitable for older adults and players with slow speed
– Stops well in short games
– Allows you to hit longer than standard balls
– It is not suitable for high handicappers with medium swing speeds
The Table Shows Srixon Golf Balls For High Handicappers Pros And Cons – golfingsphere.com.

Wrapping Up

These are the top five golf balls for high handicappers. Some of them are suitable for players with slow swing speeds, while others are compatible with medium and high speeds.

So there is something for every individual in this guide. The best way to choose the right golf ball is by considering your needs and budget.


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