5 Best Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners (And how to pick the perfect golf clubs!)

Golf is a fun sport for people of all genders because you can play it alone or with friends. It can be a good way to socialize with other people at your recreational club. The top thing you have to ensure is that you have the right skills and equipment for the game.

The best golf clubs for ladies beginners are essential if you’re a female starting this sport. Fortunately, you do not need to spend endless hours searching. Here is a comprehensive buying guide to the best golf clubs for ladies beginners.

If you are in a hurry, here is my top pick to save you time. My top pick is the Callaway golf clubs for ladies beginnersas it offers the greatest value for money, particularly if you are looking for durable and high-quality Golf Clubs from a reputable brand. 

How Do You Pick Women Golf Clubs?

When picking women’s golf clubs, focus on the weight of women’s golf clubs around the edge as it makes them easier to swing. Pick irons that are softer, lighter, and easier to control. The lighter your golf clubs, the easier it is to increase club-head speed at impact. Heavier clubs make it challenging for many women to generate club-head speed.

So, How To Choose The Best Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners?

Here are some important factors you should consider when buying the best golf clubs for ladies beginners:

1- Choose a Golf Club With Set Components That Fit You

Golf clubs primarily come in sets for beginners to help you play the sport efficiently. Ensure that your new golf clubs properly fit your and package includes the essential components. The set should have at least six irons, one putter, one driver, one to three woods, and two wedges. Typically, you can have 14 clubs in a set.

The remaining slots can be filled by hybrids, additional woods, or more wedges. This primarily depends on your needs, and you can get the extra clubs later.

However, I don’t recommend you compromise on the number of irons in a set. This is the primary tool you will need for taking excellent swings.

2- Consider The Weight Of The Golf Clubs

The golf clubs for men and women may have a similar shape, but they differ significantly. As a female, you should opt for a lighter set so that you can easily hit the ball. This is essential because women tend to have a slower average golf swing speed. 

So lighter clubs will help you deliver more impact. The loft is another factor to consider if you want to play golf well. A higher loft is more suitable because it will allow you to enjoy high accuracy. If your golf club set does not offer low weight and high loft, you must consider another model.

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3- Forgiveness

In golf, “forgiveness” means the structure and design elements in golf clubs that help lessen the effects of poor swings and unsatisfactory contact with the ball.

When choosing a golf club for women, look for drivers that have a center of mass far away from the clubface and low down in the clubhead for maximum forgiveness. Heel weighting will generally help close the clubface, make heel strikes feel more solid, and fly further.

Generally, forgiveness is defined as hitting a good shot despite poorly hitting the golf ball, meaning you compensate for not hitting the ball squarely. Usually, the more forgiving the club, the less you can work the ball.

4- Discuss With a Professional Golf Fitter

If you plan on regularly playing golf or even considering it as a career, I suggest you find someone qualified or even a professional at fitting golf clubs to help you choose your golf clubs.

Choosing a professional golf fitter will ensure that you select a golf club set that can support your game through the whole round by matching your physical attributes, swing patterns, and style. 

Now, you might wonder how much does a professional club fitting cost? The average golf club fitting cost is between $100 and $200. If you regularly play golf, aim to get fitted for clubs every five years. Wedges and forged irons must be checked every two years because of the extra wear and tear. And fitted putters last a lifetime. 

In addition, drivers and golf clubs are worth checking with fitters every five years for better options to improve your game.

5- Ensure You Have The Accessories That You Need

Some golf club sets offer essential accessories such as grips and gloves, while others do not. If your budget is tight, consider choosing the accessories included in your golf club set carefully.

Choosing a set with accessories that you only need will help you avoid spending additional money. You should also understand your needs before choosing a club set.

For instance, golf grips are mainly suitable for those with sweaty hands. They are also necessary for people who play golf for hours a day. If you don’t fall in this category, you don’t have to worry about getting a set with accessories. Investing in a low-priced set is also suitable if your budget is tight.

6- Durability

Golf clubs are relatively expensive, so you cannot buy them frequently. This is why you must get a highly durable set. You can get this factor right by selecting a robust material. For instance:

  • Titanium drivers are popular for lasting for many years. You should also consider the shaft material.
  • Graphite is an excellent component of shafts and enhances the lifespan of your set.
  • Aluminum is another great construction material because it is corrosion-resistant. So you can play the sport in rainy weather easily.

These materials will also allow your clubs to better withstand high wear and tear.

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Best Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners
5 Best Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners (And how to pick the perfect golf clubs!) – golfingsphere.com

5 Best Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners

Here are the five best golf clubs for ladies beginners:

1- Aspire Pro-X Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners

Aspire Pro-X is the top golf club set for female beginners because of its durable and supportive construction. All items except the putter in the bundle include a lightweight shaft to increase your swing speed. The best thing is that this part is made of graphite to improve the set’s durability.

The driver’s heads are made of titanium to increase durability and confidently hit the ball. Four to five hybrids are also included in the set so that you don’t have to spend additional money.

In addition, the Aspire Pro-X golf clubs for ladies are easier to hit the ball with than the standard irons. The set comes in Petite and Regular sizes to satisfy all female players.

Benefits Downsides
– Durable shafts and driver’s heads
– The putter comes with alignment notches
– Multiple sizes
– Includes hybrids
– Designed for right-handed players only
Table Shows Aspire Pro-X Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners Characteristics – golfingsphere.com

2- Callaway Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners

Callaway is a reliable brand for purchasing female golf clubs and accessories. Their strata sets for women come in multiple options to offer high flexibility. You can buy the bag with 11 pieces, 14 clubs, or 16 components. The last option includes 14 clubs, headcovers, and the bag to make up the 16 pieces.

The set with eleven pieces is primarily designed for beginners and helps you improve your skills. Aluminum construction allows you to use the clubs in various weather conditions. Stainless steel is also used for irons and wedges to offer you lightweight pieces. So you can hit the ball without stressing your muscles.

Benefits Downsides

– Durable bag
– Available for right and left-handed players
– Distance control is great
– Putter comes with alignment technology
– It does not contain a pitching wedge
Table Displays Strata Women’s Complete Golf Club Set Information – golfingsphere.com

3- Wilson Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners

The Women’s Profile SGI set by Wilson is an excellent set that beginners and advanced players can use. It includes irons, woods, wedges, a putter, and one stand bag. All clubs have graphite shafts designed to be lightweight with ladies’ flex. So you can enjoy an improvement in your golf swing speed with this set.

However, the best part about this set is its irons. The Wilson golf clubs for ladies beginners come with an aerodynamic sole design to help you increase turf interaction. The set comes in Petite, Regular, and Tall sizes to accommodate all women. 

– Available for both hands
– You can get the set with a stand bag or cart bag
– High lofted drivers
– Irons have a low center of gravity for better accuracy
– Putter design could be better
Table Shows Wilson Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners Information – golfingsphere.com

4- TaylorMade Golf Clubs For Ladies Beginners

The TaylorMade golf clubs for ladies beginners are exceptional because of the modified features. The clubs come with speed pocket technology to help you enjoy high accuracy and good swing speed. You can also experience higher launches due to the premium lightweight shafts. So you can improve your golf skills in no time with this set. 

The top feature of TaylorMade golf clubs for ladies beginners is that the clubs come with grips to help you hold the irons easily. You don’t have to get additional accessories if you have sweaty hands. The set also comes in three colors to offer more flexibility and help you enjoy better aesthetics.

Benefits Downsides
– High-quality construction
– They are easy to use, making them perfect for lady beginners
– It comes with a spider putter
– Available in multiple colors
– They are slightly expensive
Table Contains Information About TaylorMade golf clubs for ladies beginners – golfingsphere.com

5- Callaway Golf Clubs For Ladies And Gentlemen Beginners

The Edge set is a unisex golf club set that will help you stand out at the course. Its design is unique with aluminum construction and a luxurious appearance. The best part is that the set includes irons and hybrids to help you save money. You can also enjoy a good grip putter to score easily.

Irons of this golf set also come with a cavity back to hit the ball with more recoil. This means your swing speed will be relatively high to increase your chances of putting the ball in the hole.

The Callaway golf clubs for ladies and gentlemen beginners are also primarily designed for beginners, so you buy them with more confidence.

Benefits Downsides
– Best for beginners
– Allows you to hit straighter than other clubs
– Reasonable price
– Unisex design
– Not suitable for left-handed players
Table Contains Callaway Unisex’s Edge Characteristics – golfingsphere.com

Wrapping Up

These are the five best golf clubs for ladies beginners. I recommend you choose the Callaway golf clubs for ladies beginners because it offers the highest value for money, especially if you are looking for durable and high-quality golf clubs from a reputable company.

Some sets are also suitable for advanced players, so you will not have to change the set after improving your game.


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