5 Best Substitutes For Golf Shoes

Playing golf is all about having fun and socializing if you understand the game rules and how to swing properly. However, it will be helpful to have proper gear before heading for your first hit of a golf ball or even playing golf for the first time.

This means you should get the correct gloves to ensure that the swing does not slip from your hands. So, what are the best substitutes for golf shoes?

Generally, the best alternatives to golf shoes are running shoes or trainers with good sole treads because they help keep you balanced as you swing key, particularly on wet surfaces. And since golfers walk 6.3 miles (10 Km) over 18 holes on average, wearing comfortable sneakers will contribute to making your time playing enjoyable. 

Besides that, golf shoes are also necessary for enjoying your time. However, not everyone can afford proper footwear for the sport. There is no need to worry if you fall into this category. Here is everything you need to know about the best substitute for golf shoes.

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5 Best Substitutes For Golf Shoes
5 Best Substitutes For Golf Shoes – golfingsphere.com

Are Golf Shoes Worth It?

Investing in golf shoes is totally worth it, particularly if you want to play golf regularly. There are also multiple reasons that make investing in golf shoes worth it. It allows you to have firm traction on the ground and helps with maintaining the correct posture while swinging.

Golf shoes offer more stability and firm grip because it has spiked soles for traction. This feature is highly helpful when playing the sport on wet ground or on a rainy day. It also improves your performance by allowing you to rotate harder without worrying about your footing.

However, a significant drawback of golf shoes is that they are more expensive than other athletic footwear options. So it may not be affordable to buy golf shoes. Luckily, there are some shoes that you can wear as a substitute and enjoy a safe experience.

How To Choose Golf Shoes Substitute?

Below are some things you must remember before choosing a golf shoe substitute:

1- Sole

Sole plays a significant role in improving your golfing experience because it determines your traction on the course. Typically, you must choose footwear with hard bottom to ensure good footing. Shoes with plastic soles are also suitable for serving as a good substitute.

You must look at the sole carefully to ensure that it will offer you a good grip on the course. Otherwise, there will be no use in choosing that footwear as a substitute.

Shoes with firm traction reduce injury risk on the golf course and also allow you to score better.


2- Call The Golf Course

Many golf clubs have strict policies about the footwear you can wear on the course. For example, some golf clubs can be strict about dress codes, so calling the club ahead of time could prevent you from wearing the wrong golf shoes.

This is why you must check with the officials before choosing a substitute for golf shoes. It will allow you to narrow down your choices to specific footwear and get the best footwear.

Some clubs allow sneakers and running shoes on a golf course. Meanwhile, others don’t permit the former footwear type. A basic pair of sneakers can serve as a good substitute if it offers good traction.

Ensure you understand the type of shoes your golf club allows.


3- How Often Do You Play?

If you don’t play golf regularly, you shouldn’t worry about investing in golf shoes. Sneakers, running shoes, and other spikeless footwear can easily help you play the sport. You ensure that the shoes don’t cause you to slip on grass surfaces.

You can also purchase shoes that adjust to your feet with time. This will allow you to get the best value for money. Sneakers come under this category and are suitable for golfing.

  • If you plan on hitting the driving range, choose shoes with good traction. 
  • If your golf course is damp or wet, go for sneakers or running shoes, as they offer enough grip and stability to prevent slipping and hurting yourself while swinging.  
  • Consider checking out sandals or spikeless golf shoes for dry, hot golf courses

4- Choose Golf Shoes or Alternatives Made of Waterproof or Water-Resistant Materials.

Most golf courses are wet courses, and wearing traditional golf shoes or substitutes made of waterproof or water-resistant materials will enhance your experience when playing golf.

Waterproof and water-resistant materials increase the durability and comfort of your shoes. Ensure you check the product label before buying your golf shoes or golf footwear alternatives.

Ensure that you choose shoes that fit you properly, are waterproof, have excellent traction, and have good support.


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5 Best Substitutes For Golf Shoes
5 Best Substitutes For Golf Shoes – golfingsphere.com

5 Best Substitute For Golf Shoes

Here are the top five best substitutes for golf shoes:

1- Running Shoes

Athletic shoes should be your top choice when looking for golf shoe substitutes. These are designed to offer users high traction on different pathways to prevent slipping and other injuries. So you can easily wear them on dry and wet golf courses for a fun experience.

The Nike Trail Running Shoes (Air Zoom Wildhorse 5) is one of the best substitutes for golf shoes. 

The best part is that they are highly comfortable and offer great support to the feet. This is especially true if you purchase footwear designed for hiking and moving on trails.

The Nike Trail Running Shoes have natural soles that are suitable for most golf courses. The shape offers high stability while the design ensures that it won’t damage the golf course.

2- Golf Sandals

Sandals were considered improper footwear for golfing in the past, but they are more socially acceptable now. This is why you can easily wear them to a golf course if they offer good traction.

However, ensure you double-check with the club before wearing this footwear. Some still have strict policies about not allowing these shoes.

FootJoy Men’s Golf Sandals Shoes and Skechers Women’s Golf Sandals Shoes are among the best alternatives on the market.

Typically, you should look for sandals with plastic soles because they provide a good grip. The best part is that this footwear is open-toed and offers high breathability, especially during summers. You can wear sandals comfortably if your club allows them.

FootJoy Men’s Golf Sandals Shoes

Skechers Women’s Golf Sandals Shoes

3- Sneakers

Sneakers are another closed shoe type that offers high stability on different surfaces. You can also use them for multiple activities such as bowling, playing cricket, and other games.

The best part is that they are designed to provide good traction on grass surfaces. This is why many people wear them on golf courses.

ASICS Men’s shoes (Gel-Venture) are the best sneakers for golf.

These shoes also adjust to your foot depending on your wearing frequency. So you can enjoy high comfort, and your stability will improve with time. Sneakers also allow you to swing better by maintaining a good footing.

4- Soccer Shoes

Soccer shoes are mainly designed for grass fields and offer maximum grip. This is why they serve as an excellent substitute for golf shoes. You can easily maintain your posture and swing as hard as possible without worrying about slipping.

Soccer shoes are also not highly expensive like golf shoes. If you are looking for good soccer as an alternative to golf shoes, go for Adidas Men’s Samba Classic.

Still, call your golf course to check whether soccer shoes are allowed on the field. You should also remember that this footwear is not the most comfortable option. So you will have to compromise comfort for grip.

5- No Shoes

There is no specific rule that you have to wear shoes on a golf course. In fact, many professional athletes have been seen on the field barefoot. So you can always take off your regular shoes and play golf. However, this may be risky if you cannot maintain a firm footing while taking swings.

You also have to walk at least four miles or more on golf courses. So it may be frustrating to take off shoes and wear them frequently while moving on the path. Understanding these things will help you decide whether or not to stay barefoot.

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Final Words

This is your complete guide to the best substitute for golf shoes. You can get hiking, tennis, and other shoes as well for playing this sport. The best option is one that offers a high grip and comfort. This is why your primary choices should include running shoes and golf sandals.

Before choosing footwear, you should also consider the different factors, such as your golf club. These tips will help you get the best shoes for playing this sport without any hassle.


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