Blade Vs. Mallet Putter: Which One Is Better?

With technology advancing, much golf equipment is evolving and getting better. But the putter is something that has remained the same over the past years. The putter plays a very important role in a golf game as it is the one club that you use to finish a game. 

When choosing from the putter, you will always face two options, blade and mallet putter. Other than these, you find any other putter option to play with. Now that confuses many beginners to get the right putter. 

So, blade vs. mallet putter, which one should you choose? Choosing between blade and mallet putter will depend on how the putter feels and performs in your hands. Typically, mallet putters usually have more forgiveness in their clubfaces because of the placement of weights. However, despite their larger size, mallet putters are generally about the same weight as blade putters.

Here is a complete blade vs. mallet putter guide to help you understand both better. 

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Blade Vs. Mallet Putter: Which One Is Better?
Blade Vs. Mallet Putter: Which One Is Better? –

What Is a Blade Putter?

A blade putter is a traditional putter that has been used for many years. The classic design of the putter has never been outdated, and it works perfectly in every game. 

Many golfers now don’t use blade putters due to alignment issues. But it is all in a golfer’s hands to choose the putter they want. Nevertheless, many professional golfers like to use a blade putter to give them great control over the ball. 

It makes them feel like they have a blade and play their best final shot using it. Recent blade putters may be available in a bit larger size compared to ones produced in previous years. But the size doesn’t affect the game much, but some golfers think it may have affected their shots. 

Pros and Cons of Blade Putter

Here are the top benefits you can enjoy using a blade putter. There may be others as well, but these are the top ones.

1- Pros of Blade Putter

  • Best for fast green grass
  • Remarkable control and feel over the club
  • Best for golfers who have a slight arc stroke
  • Consistent hit on the ball 
  • Helps you improve your game
  • The first putter was introduced in the history of golf, so most golfers love still using it.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any cons, and the following are the main cons of using a blade putter.

2- Cons of Blade Putter

  • Difficult for alignment
  • Needs you to control your power a lot
  • Some people who haven’t gained proper control over the blade putter find it difficult to align it precisely.

But these cons shouldn’t stop you from using the blade putter. The difficulty to use a blade putter will help you improve your game and improve at every stage. 

What Is a Mallet Putter?

A mallet is a putter with a larger clubhead around the club face. They are typically round, square, or “half moon.” By looking at the mallet putter, you can clearly see that it is bigger than a traditional blade putter. This is because when the mallet putter was introduced, they were semi-circle in shape. 

As time passed, the mallet putter was introduced with new designs. The semi-circle was just a traditional shape for a mallet putter. Now you can see these putters having shapes such as spiders, fangs, or squares. Mallet putter is highly customizable, and you can get your shape made. 

But if you do, ensure you give the order to the best manufacturer as it needs to be perfectly balanced. The putter has to be precise and ensure no flaw in it. 

The golfers love mallet putters due to their larger head size. It gets easier for anyone to play it and hit the target. Those who have issues with alignment can easily play with a mallet putter. 

Adding a mallet putter to the golf industry has done a great job, and golfers love it. It has helped many golfers improve their skills and get better every day. 

Pros and Cons of Mallet Putter

The following are the pros of mallet putter:

1- Pros of Mallet Putter

  • Easy to get ahold of and learn
  • Perfect to learn distance targeting and control 
  • Easier for you to align your swing with the ball and target
  • Best for golfers with straight back and straight through stroke
  • Easily customizable 
  • Make your mallet putter 
  • Center shafted versions are also available in mallet putter
  • Forgiving
  • Easy for anyone to use 

These are the top pros of mallet putters that golfers and professionals have experienced all around the world. These can be reasons why people love using the mallet putter. You can always use a mallet putter if you want to learn golf. 

But that doesn’t mean there are no cons to using a mallet putter. Below we have discussed why people may refrain from using mallet putters. 

2- Cons of Mallet Putter

  • Not ideal for fast green
  • The mallet putter will ruin your game if you have an arc-style stroke.
  • It may be difficult to understand the mechanism of the mallet putter

These are the top cons of a mallet putter. Due to these reasons, many people may hesitate to use the mallet putter. 

Many people are still wondering which is better, between blade and mallet putter. 

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Is Blade or Mallet Putter Better?

If you have always had alignment issues when using a blade putter, trying a mallet putter can turn out better for you. There are alignment lines present on the mallet putter. That ensures you hit the target precisely and learn better control over the ball. 

For example, a blade putter would work better if you played on fast grass. In contrast, the mallet putter is best for slow green grass. 

However, a blade putter can be good for one person and not good at all for the other. The same goes for the mallet putter. It all depends on the conditions you are playing in. That will help you decide which putter would be better under such circumstances. 

And choosing the right putter from blade or mallet can be challenging for many. People think both can work great, but it depends on the golfer’s style. 

One of the most important factors that help you decide which putter to choose is your swing style. Everyone has a different swing style, which makes this game unique. 

If you have an arch stroke, the blade putter would be a better choice. But if you are a straight-through stroke, it would be best to have a mallet putter in your kit. 

The best thing about a mallet putter is that it is easily customizable. This means you can add anything additional that you want. For example, adding weight to your putter will make it easier to adjust and play your best shots. 

The weight plays the most important role in ensuring that your putter is well-balanced and offers you a consistent impact. So having the ability to add weight to a mallet putter is a great option. 

Blade or Mallet Putter: Which Is Better For Beginners?

That blade putter is a bit difficult to use because it would provide beginners with a great challenge to overcome. If they learn to get ahold of a blade putter, then using a mallet putter wouldn’t be a big deal. 

However, many beginners are confused about choosing the right putter for their kit. Many experts would say a mallet putter as it is easy to learn. But we would recommend a blade putter. 

That is why it would be best for beginners to start with a blade putter, the traditional putter of golf. 

How Do You know If You Need a Mallet Or Blade Putter?

If you have a natural square-to-square stroke, you may be more suited to a mallet putter. This is because a mallet putter is face-balanced with the center of gravity placed toward the back of the club, which means the club is designed to stay square to the putter’s path through the stroke.

While most golfers generally start with a blade putter in their bag, mallet putters have become popular with advancements in control and stability via the stroke. Players with an arc stroke typically tend to do better with blades due to the weight distribution between the heel and toe.

Why Should You Use a Mallet Putter?

A mallet putter is better for golf players who strive to make a straight-back-straight-through stroke. A blade is a traditional putter with a square club head and a narrow and can also have heel and toe weighting. Golfers usually favor blades with a little arced putting stroke, as they promote a more flowing, swinging gate.

So, do most pros use blade or mallet putters? And many professional golfers use a blade putter, and they state it is because of the feel and control you get with a blade putter. It is undoubtedly clear that a blade putter has an excellent feel, but the mallet seems to have come rather far regarding feeling.

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Wrapping Up

Here is your complete blade vs. mallet putter guide. We have discussed these putters in detail, so it gets easier for you to compare both the putters.

When finding a putter, discussing and having a fitting expert help pick the one that fits you best is beneficial.


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