Can You Wear Two Gloves in Golf? (With top 4 golf gloves!)

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Can You Wear Two Gloves in Golf

A few years ago, I had to meet one of our VIP clients at a golf course. When I asked him to sign the papers, he took off the gloves from both hands, read the papers, and signed them. 

I am not much of a player, but I loved to watch the game. Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer were two of my favorite players, and I always saw them wearing one glove. So when I saw our client wearing gloves on both hands, that got me thinking: can you wear two gloves in golf?

You can wear two gloves for golf; nothing prevents you from wearing two gloves when playing golf. There is no set rule for wearing gloves in golf. You can do it even if you want to play without gloves. While it prevents blisters on both hands, it decreases the feel and feedback on shots, which most golfers don’t like.

And if you choose to wear them, you can either wear a glove on one hand or both hands.

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Why Do Golfers Wear Gloves?

Generally, golfers wear only one glove, and that is on their non-dominant hand. Wearing gloves may not be a rule, but experienced players would always recommend you to wear one. It can improve your grip, which can help you swing better. It may not be the only thing you need to win a game, but it can definitely help improve your overall game. 

So if wearing one glove is so helpful to players, why do some golfers wear two gloves? Well, I researched about it and found out that the only reason for wearing gloves on both hands is protection. It does not improve the game in any way.

In fact, it results in losing the benefits of wearing one on your lead hand. 

Why Do Golfers Take Off Their Gloves After A Shot?

The more common reason for this practice is that they want to prevent their hands from getting sweaty. So they just take off their gloves when they are moving from their position to the ball. 

Whether a golfer wears one glove or two, you might have also seen them do one other thing. They take off their gloves after every shot. Now, why do they do that? 

Well, there can be a number of reasons why a golfer might take off the glove after a shot. Maybe their last shot wasn’t as good as they had expected, and they thought it would be better to try a shot without wearing any gloves.

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Benefits of Wearing Gloves While Playing Golf

Gloves, whether worn in one hand or two, can offer a lot of benefits to golfers. 

1- Wearing Gloves Can Help With the Grip

When you are playing golf, your grip is everything. The right grip will give you the best swing and power for your shot.

A golf glove helps prevent the club from slipping out of your hands while playing, as its traction allows you to loosen your grip.

Human hands can slip while hitting the shot, whereas wearing specially designed golf gloves can provide the right amount of dexterity to help improve the shot. 

2- Gloves Can Help To Absorb Sweat

One of the most important reasons golfers wear gloves is that it helps absorb sweat. This is also why some golfer takes off their glove after every shot.

Most golf gloves come with holes allowing sweat to evaporate into the air, keeping your hand and glove dry and your grip on the club comfortable and firm.

They don’t want the glove’s inside to be affected by sweat. The glove absorbs all the sweat, resulting in a better grip on your golf club. 

3- Protect Your Hand From Blisters And Calluses

People who drive their cars a lot without wearing gloves tend to have a dark-colored shade on their hands. This is due to holding the steering wheel every day for longer periods of time. The same thing can happen to golfers with golf sticks, especially if your skin is sensitive. 

If you’re a standard golf player, then holding and swinging the golf club so much can end up causing calluses on your hand. 

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4- Golf Glove Help Relieve Fatigue

Wearing a golf glove can help relieve fatigue, mainly if you are a beginner or your hands are not yet used to playing; they can become tired. 

Wearing a golf glove allows you to have a lighter grip without sacrificing control and feel as relaxed a swing as possible. Another advantage of wearing golf gloves is sunburn protection and even extreme cold.

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Why Do Pro Golfers Remove Their Glove When Putting?

Golfers take off their gloves when putting because they want to have a better feel. They wear a golf glove to help provide players with a better grip and more control when swinging a club at a fast speed.

Generally, most pro golfers wear a golf glove only when swinging with irons, woods, hybrids, and wedges.

In addition, pro golfers remove their gloves after every shot because their hands have begun to sweat inside the glove, which can create a very uncomfortable situation. And sometimes, pro golfers want to change gloves to keep the way the club feels consistent, making it easier for them to hit the ball. 

Best Golf Gloves for A Better Game 

These are some of the best golf gloves that you can wear to improve your game and score easily:

1- FootJoy Golf Gloves

The FootJoy golf gloves are one of the best golf gloves on the market for men. The leather patch offers high durability and a super comfortable feel to players. So you can play the sport for hours without worrying about getting calluses or rashes.

An incredible feature of the FootJoy golf gloves is that it comes in a pack of two gloves. So if you wear this gear on both hands, this product will offer you the best value for money.

The mesh across knuckles also improves breathability, preventing your hands from sweating excessively.

Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– High breathability
– Lightweight
– Soft material
– Suitable to wear in different weather conditions
– Thick seam for some people
Table Displays FootJoy Golf Gloves Features –

2- TaylorMade Golf Glove

TaylorMade is a reliable brand for golf equipment because many professional players use its tools. As a former recreational player, I have tried its Tour Preferred glove, which has excellent construction and feel. The ultra-thin composition ensures high resistance to sweaty palms and offers extra comfort.

However, the best feature of this accessory is the Velcro closure tab, which offers you a secure fit. The band around the wrist is also moisture-wicking, so you don’t have to worry about wet palms.

The TaylorMade golf glove also has high tackiness to offer more grip while holding the club.

Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Excellent design
– Top-notch material
– It comes with an insert
– Contoured lining for a snug fit.
– The number of breathing holes may be less for some people
Table Shows TaylorMade golf glove Pros And Cons –

3- Titleist Golf Glove

The Titleist golf glove is the most comfortable golf glove for men on the market. It is made of premium leather with a thin design to offer durability and comfort simultaneously.

The Titleist golf glove also comes in various sizes to accommodate all players easily. Satin is also used at the cuff and thumb portion to offer you more reinforcement and a better grip.

This means you don’t have to fear the club slipping from your hand. The comfortable material also prevents your hand from suffering pain due to calluses, skin tears, and other wounds.

Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Most comfortable
– Good style
– Extra support at the cuff
– Available in all sizes
– It is not waterproof.
Table Contains Titleist Golf Glove Pros And Cons –

4- FootJoy Women Golf Gloves

The earlier mentioned gloves are mainly suitable for male players. Of course, you may be a woman playing golf professionally or recreationally. If so, the FootJoy women’s golf gloves should be your top choice of golf gloves because of the aloe vera leather construction.

The FootJoy women’s golf gloves are designed to offer you a sweat-free grip with high traction. The aloe vera component also provides extra softness to your hand to prevent you from getting calluses.

It will also help you maintain the feel of your palmar skin.

Reasons To BuyReasons To Avoid
– Aloe vera composition
– Best for avoiding skin injuries
– Available for both hands
– Elastic mesh for maintaining a cool interior
– Not suitable for men
Table Contains FootJoy Women Golf Gloves Features –

Final Words

This is all the information you require about whether or not can you wear two gloves for golf. Most players wear a single glove, but there is no steadfast rule that you cannot wear this gear in both hands.

Wearing two gloves can offer you extra comfort, especially if your palms get sweaty easily. It will also help you avoid skin issues such as calluses and hardening.

Consider your comfort level when deciding whether or not to wear two gloves while playing golf.


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