Do Golf Gloves Prevent Blisters? (Including The Best Golf Gloves To Prevent Blisters)

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Do Golf Gloves Prevent Blisters

Few things can be as frustrating as playing golf with blisters. If you have never had to face the frustration of dealing with blisters, you might not know what we are talking about, but blisters often form from constant play and when your hands are sweaty or constantly rubbing against the grips of the golf clubs through playing.

But do golf gloves prevent blisters since they are so popular? One of the main reasons that people choose golf gloves is to prevent sweaty hands. It can be frustrating to grip a golf club and master a swing, only for the club to slide while you are going through with the shot. In essence, many people choose to add gloves to their kit when they experience constant sweating whilst playing.

This article aims to see how golf gloves might help to prevent blistering and whether it does help.

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Do Golf Gloves Prevent Blisters?

Before looking at some of my favorite golf gloves, you must understand whether or not golf gloves can help your cause. If you are dealing with significant sweaty hands, gloves can help to absorb the sweat and wick away moisture.

The secondary benefit is that golf gloves might have some role in reducing the chances of blisters. While wearing golf gloves might not completely prevent blisters, it could reduce the chances of them occurring, making it much easier to continue playing for longer.

But how do golf gloves help with blisters on your hands when playing:

1- Extra Padding

The first thing would often be the extra padding that most golf gloves include. Most blisters will occur somewhere in the palm of your hands.

It happens since the palm of your hands is where most of the force is often applied. Your hands would apply plenty of force to the palm when holding the golf clubs, which results in chafing.

With the additional padding provided by gloves, the rubbing might not stop. However, the force of rubbing needs to be much higher to make dents or small micro tears into your skin.

You can play much longer before the chaffing happens, making them a great addition to your golfing kit.

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2- Reduced Moisture

One of the fundamental frustrations that players deal with when chaffing occurs is sweat. Since golf is mostly played through the summer months, your hands would heat up, and this causes sweat to occur. Sweat tends to dehydrate your skin, which means the skin loses some flexibility and weakens the skin.

One of the main benefits of playing with gloves is that the sweat is often absorbed into the gloves and wicked away.

Additionally, ventilation holes spread throughout the glove will dry out some of the sweat inside your hands and gloves. 

3- Less Chaffing

The final point actually will encompass both the previous points. Most golf gloves are designed with additional grip features within the palm. These small riffles will mesh with the grip on the handle of your club. It could secure your grip and ensure that your hands do not slide as you play.

With a reduction or sliding, you have less chaffing, and even though you are dealing with plenty of sweat, the tackiness of the glove will mold to the tackiness of the glove.

These two would stick to one another, allowing you to play far longer without the worry of your hands constantly rubbing. Essentially, it could prevent blisters.

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Best Golf Gloves To Prevent Blisters

Now that you have seen how golf gloves can prevent blisters, the next logical step would be to find the right gloves.

Unfortunately, the right golf gloves vary from person to person, and your budget is also an important consideration.

Through years of playing and often testing the gloves of players I know, here are some of my favorites that could help reduce blisters:

1- Nike Dura Feel VIII Men’s Golf Glove

Very few brands are as popular in the world of golf as Nike. Nike is one of the leading sponsors for many of the top players, and the Nike Dura Feel VIII Men’s Golf Glove is constructed from a combination of synthetic and goatskin leather.

The real leather is found in the thumb and palm area, where the biggest risk for blisters potentially lies.

Perforated holes are strategically placed throughout the upper section of the glove, which helps to allow moisture to dry out due to the wind. I have noticed that wearing the glove might feel a bit warm, but it could be of significant help during the winter months. 

The value that a brand like Nike brings to the table is unrivaled. Many of the Nike products are thoroughly tested and often given to pro players.

If you want to make sure you have thick enough padding to reduce possible chaffing, the Nike Dura Feel Golf Glove is the glove for you. 

2- BIONIC Stable Grip Golf Glove Classic

One of the gloves that reminded me so much of the Nike gloves is the BIONIC Stable Grip Golf Glove Classic. The design can run almost parallel to that which Nike offers.

It features genuine leather construction, which is uniformly spread throughout the glove to give you optimal padding. This is especially true in the thumb and palm areas.

With the introduction of Lycra, the BIONIC Stable Grip Golf Glove Classic becomes more flexible, making it easier for them to bend and mold to your specific needs.

The Lycra is spread throughout the main functioning points to ensure comfort. Small-perforated holes will allow air to comfortably pass through the glove and give you a reduction in sweat.

Since these gloves are not made by a brand like Nike, they are slightly more affordable, which means the average person would be able to buy them.

Speaking of the reduction of sweat, I believe they could have done more, and these gloves are a bit warm to wear. However, players in the winter months surely won’t complain.

3- Callaway Golf Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove

When it comes to the ultimate golf glove, you might have noticed that I favor the Callaway Golf Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove.

It is made mainly from synthetic leather, but I can hardly notice any differences when comparing it to real leather. Essentially, synthetic leather helps keep the price down a bit.

The four-way stretch technology would be the ideal feature for those with larger hands like myself. It enables the gloves to stretch in a variety of different directions to provide comfort.

Callaway has introduced a high level of ventilation holes, which should keep your hands dry as much as possible.

One of the reasons I am so fond of the Callaway golf glove is the price. It is not only one of the best golf gloves on the market today, but it works wonders in terms of your budget. You will surely get great value for your money when using it.

4- FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove

Nothing screams “no blisters” more than a glove with the name “Stasof.” The FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove is not only the most popular golf glove I have seen amongst amateur golfers but comes at a budget price.

Additionally, it is soft on the exterior, allowing it to stretch, even though leather is the main material used.

Traction3 is one of the patented features of the Footjoy brand, and while the brand started specializing in footwear, it is now a valuable brand that will make playing golf more comfortable. You will notice how easily it will stretch in three different directions. The FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove is by far one of the top gloves any player could choose.

5- Under Armour Iso-chill Golf Glove

You could consider the Under Armour Iso-chill Golf Glove if leather isn’t for you. The glove is designed with different weather conditions in mind, and thanks to the technology of Under Armour’s HeatGeat and ColdGear, you will notice that the gloves can adapt according to your weather conditions.

The main construction features polyester, which is integrated with mesh. During a few tests with these gloves, I noticed that polyester moisture-wicking feels more comfortable than leather. Leather will mainly absorb the moisture, but now you have something to wick it away.

The biggest downside to the Under Armour Iso-chill Golf Glove is the price; you will immediately notice how much more expensive this glove tends to be. If you are serious about playing golf and you want something for all weather conditions, we would stand by this glove.

Final Thoughts

If you are constantly dealing with blisters and you have not made the choice of adding a golf glove to your kit, you are losing out.

The golf glove is one of the best additions to your kit. These are some of my favorites, which I have had the opportunity to test occasionally, but I would love to know which gloves you recommend.

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