Must-Have Golf Accessories For Hot Weather: 9 Top Options

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Must-Have Golf Accessories For Hot Weather

As record-breaking temperatures swoop through the Northern Hemisphere, many can argue that it is the perfect weather for golf. However, hot temperatures can lead to dehydration and fatigue on the golf course.

These must-have golf accessories for hot weather aim to change that and make sure your golfing experience is comfortable. One of the first things you might want to consider is having an umbrella, the golf umbrella might seem like something for the rain, but it allows the player to block out the direct heat from the sun.

The golfing umbrella is useful for wet and dry days while making sure you can stay dry amid a severe rain storm. There are plenty of golfing accessories, and all of these accessories bring something useful to the table.

With a severe summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the prediction that this trend will continue for future years, preparing is something you need to do.

We will look at 9 of the top accessories to use for hot weather.

Is It Safe To Play Golf In Extreme Heat?

Before planning your golfing trip, you should keep a close eye on the weather conditions and make sure that it is something you are comfortable with. Playing golf in extreme heat comes with a few risks, including sunburn and dehydration. You might even notice that fatigue levels peak and tire out more rapidly.

If you plan on going out for golf on an extremely hot day, we would recommend that you consider wearing the right gear and having the right accessories. Any temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit can be considered hot enough to have the right gear at hand. However, temperatures in certain parts of the world can go well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit

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Top 9 Golf Accessories For Hot Weather

You will find that there is a multitude of gear and equipment you could rely on whilst playing golf. However, making sure you have the gear that best suits your needs is essential.

The following options are useful candidates that aim to simplify your life and make playing in severe conditions a bit easier and manageable.

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1- Golfing Umbrella

As mentioned, the golfing umbrella is one of the first things you might want to consider. Most of the top umbrellas are designed with a canopy shape and can resist the heat of up to UPF50+.

An umbrella is a multifunctional tool that not only keeps you protected in the summer but could help keep your gear dry in the wet.

The Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella is one of the top options, and while it might not be from one of the top brands, it is reliable, and many players choose it.

Additionally, the universal clamp allows you to connect it to your golf bag. We also love the fact that it can be adjusted to almost any angle you need. 

2- Hydration Backpack

You must have seen people wearing hydration packs on their person while hiking or going outdoors. However, the hydration packs are functional and can also be used for golf.

You can fill up the hydration pack with your favorite drink and add ice. Additionally, some hydration packs can be frozen to ensure the drink remains cool.

One of our favorite hydration backpacks is made for hiking but can also be used for golf. The Unigear Hydration Pack Backpack is lightweight while containing a 2-liter bladder that should keep you hydrated.

You can also place the hydration pack in your freezer if you want it frozen before setting out on your golf trip.

3- Drinks Cooler

While you might want to keep your carry-on items as limited as possible, the addition of a cooler might be useful.

While you can find some of the more expensive golf bags with a built-in cooler, having an additional cooler on the side will also give you some versatility. There are hundreds of great coolers you can choose from online. 

If you are looking for quality, this unique Golf Bag Cooler and Ice Pack offers an additional ice pack that should ensure you keep everything at the coolest possible temperature when you are on the golf course.

We should also mention that it can be useful to have something smaller, which is easier to carry along.

4- Hydration Sachets

One of the most important things you should have when playing golf in the summer is hydration. The hydration can be in the form of water bottles or hydration packs.

The benefit of using hydration packs is that they can be frozen and will stay cool inside your bag. While also keeping your other drinks cool like an ice pack.

The HydroMATE Electrolytes Powder Drink is not premade but comes in sachets with powder. However, these can be mixed at home, or they can be mixed on the go.

The sachets contain enough electrolytes and fluid to ensure you don’t run the risk of dehydration whilst playing your game. 

5- Water Bottle/ Flask

As mentioned, being hydrated is important. However, most people don’t want to consume a hot drink or water that has been left in the sun all day.

Having a water bottle or flask that can keep everything cool would ensure that you beat the possibility of dehydration whilst you are playing in sunny conditions.

The Stanley Classic Flask is not one of the traditional flask options you would find online. It is specifically tailored to golfers and features durable metal construction.

The insulted design aims to keep your beverages cool for as long as possible. We would highly recommend it for the value it offers and the design.

6- Golfing Hat

Since the sun could be belting down on you, having some form of head protection would ensure you don’t risk being sunburned.

You should have some form of a hat that can cover the sides of your head, as well as your neck. This would make it possible for you to play without any hassles, and the sun won’t scorch your face.

The Adidas Men’s Victory 3 Bucket Hat is one of the top options, and it comes from one of the most reliable brands in the world of golf.

The rim might not be as wide as many of the other competitive brands, but it offers protection around your head. It is not as expensive as many other brands, ensuring you have value for your money.

7- Cool Golfing Shirt

While you might want to feel “cool” while you are playing, we are referring to staying neutral in terms of your body temperature.

There are hundreds of golf shirts you can choose from, but looking for one that can keep you cool and offer optimal ventilation is the trick. Once you have the right one, you will notice the sweat being evaporated.

The Under Armour Men’s Playoff 2.0 Golf Polo is one of the top options, and due to the Climacool technology patented by the brand, you can be sure that you have something functional.

The shirt breathes very easily and enables the wind to pass through comfortably. It is designed to keep you cool whilst playing.

8- Protective Sun Sleeves

To some players, having sun sleeves might seem a little counterintuitive. However, the idea is that you might not have sunscreen available at all times, and the risk of severe sunburn is an ever-present threat.

The sun sleeves would offer protection for your arms without impeding movement or affecting performance. 

The SportsTrail Cooling Arm Sleeves for Men & Women are some of the most affordable and make it much easier for players to have the right gear when playing.

The one-size fits all design eliminates the need for different sizes. They also tend to evaporate sweat and wick away most of the extra moisture from playing.

9- Solid Sunglasses

We have left sunglasses as the final item on our list due to the diversity of options available. This is not to mention the fact that many people already have a pair of shades they use for driving or walking around town.

A good set of sunglasses will protect your eyes and make it much easier to see through the sun’s glistening.

The High Definition Golf Ball Finder Sports Glasses will be an excellent addition to the kit of almost every player. These sunglasses are not as expensive as your top brands like Oakley or Adidas, but they offer the same protection and a durable design.

If you want multifunctional glasses, you should consider one with interchangeable glasses.

Final Thoughts

Golf is a game often played in the summer months, and ensuring you are prepared is important.

There are numerous different risks associated with playing in severe conditions, but the lower density in the air could even make your ball travel slightly farther.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any different accessories that we have not mentioned. 


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