Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes: Which Ones Should You Choose?

Many people play golf to enjoy its health benefits. You may even want to pursue this sport professionally. But, playing golf is not as easy as it seems. You must have the correct equipment to play the game without any issues.

As a beginner, you may be wondering about golf shoes vs turf shoes. The correct footwear plays an integral role in this sport. The most common shoes for golf players are golf shoes and turf shoes. So, golf shoes vs turf shoes: which ones should you choose?

Golf shoes are a better option if you frequently play golf because of their high flexibility and fewer restrictions at clubs. However, if you are an occasional golfer, turf shoes are perfect for practicing your swing at a driving range because they are comfortable and provide cushioning to your feet.

In addition, golf shoes provide higher traction than turf shoes on some surfaces. Read on to find out everything about golf shoes vs turf shoes, and choose the ones that suit you best.

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Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes: Which Ones Should You Choose?
Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes: Which Ones Should You Choose? –

What Are Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are athletic footwear made to provide safety and comfort for golfers of all skill levels. As the name implies, Golf shoes are designed to help athletes and other users play golf easily. These shoes come with spikes that allow you to have firm traction on the grass, mainly helpful in maintaining footing on an uneven platform.

Golf shoes are designed to help you walk the club terrain without damaging the ground. It also protects you by ensuring you don’t slip easily while walking or taking a shot. You must also remember that many clubs don’t allow members on the terrain without golf shoes.

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Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes
Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes: Which Ones Should You Choose? –

What Are Turf Shoes?

Turf shoes are designed for sports such as soccer, baseball, and softball. They primarily come with rubber stubs or nubs to offer traction on the ground. This is why the footwear appears similar to sneakers and offers a sleek look.

Turf shoes have also been made to help people play on artificial turf. This grass type is more prevalent in baseball games. The studs ensure that the shoes won’t harm the artificial turf. They also allow you to run easily without losing traction.

Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes
Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes: Which Ones Should You Choose? –

Can You Wear Turf Shoes For Golf?

Turf shoes with short studs can be a good substitute for golf shoes because they help provide grip on hard, dry surfaces. However, it is not recommended to wear turf shoes in wet conditions.

Ensure you call your golf course to confirm with them, as some golf courses do not allow golfers to wear turf shoes. Overall, despite the lack of spikes, you can wear turf shoes for golf. However, you will have to get a specific model. Some footwear pieces come with short studs that serve as spikeless golf shoes.

Besides that, turf shoes also serve excellently for practicing shots at a driving range. It will prevent you from experiencing blisters that occur if you practice barefoot or in non-golf footwear.

Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes: What Are The Differences?

Here are the primary differences between golf shoes and turf shoes:

1- Golf Shoes Have Spikes

The main difference between golf shoes and turf shoes is that turf shoes come with metal cleats or spikes to offer you firm traction on the ground, including grass, mud, and sand. Meanwhile, there are no spikes on turf shoes because the footwear is mainly used on artificial grass.

The rubber studs offer good traction to soccer players and baseball athletes. Turf shoes are mainly suitable for running sports, but you can wear them to your golf club. However, you need to ensure that turf shoes have short spikes to classify them as spikeless golf shoes.

2- Golf Shoes Have Built-In Stabilizers

A unique feature of golf shoes is that they are designed with built-in stabilizers, which improve balance while taking a shot and prevent injuries or spasms. The feature also enables you to golf on long grass with ease.

Turf shoes do not come with built-in stabilizers often. Of course, this mainly depends on the model you’re purchasing. This footwear is not highly stable to wear on long grass because of a lack of stabilizers. The studs can also not penetrate the grass easily to offer adequate traction.

3- Turf Shoes May Be Prohibited

You may wear golf shoes to your baseball practice matches without facing high consequences. This is because the footwear does not harm the terrain. Of course, it is not advisable to wear golf shoes for other sports because they are not designed for such terrain. So you may experience discomfort.

However, turf shoes are not generally allowed on many high-quality golf terrains. Most clubs prohibit members and guests from wearing turf shoes on their courses. This is because turf shoes can harm the natural grass terrain and cause severe damage. 

4- Golf Shoes Have Large Soles

Another feature that makes golf shoes unique from other footwear options is they come with a large sole and a wide base. The golf shoes are mainly designed to offer high balance while taking a shot.

On the other hand, turf shoes do not necessarily come with larges soles and bases. This is why they may not offer you the same level of balance on a golf terrain. Of course, this wouldn’t matter much if you’re well-trained to play this sport.

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Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes: Factors To Consider

Following are some factors to consider when choosing between golf shoes and turf shoes.

1- Durability

The lifespan of your footwear plays an integral role if you play the sports frequently. Regular golfing requires you to have sturdy footwear that will last you for years. This is why you must ensure your shoes have high durability.

Typically, golf shoes last longer than turf shoes if you play the game often. It will also offer you more flexibility because all clubs permit golf footwear while turf shoes are banned at some high-quality locations.

2- Comfort

Standing on the ground for hours can be painful for your foot if you don’t wear the right shoes. Golf footwear comes with extra padding to offer you excellent support. Luckily, turf shoes also include soft inner padding to help you remain comfortable.

You should also check specifications, such as the inner lining of the footwear, which allows the shoes to be highly breathable. If your potential turf shoe model does not offer this flexibility, it is better to invest in a pair of golf shoes.

3- Weight

Golf shoes are designed carefully to offer you stable footwear with low weight, enabling you to walk easily on the terrain without feeling like you have to drag yourself. You should also remember that heavy shoes can cause high pain after the game.

Turf footwear also has an average weight of 0.69 pounds (313 grams) and comes with some weight. This is especially true if you get a pair designed for soccer. Such models are heavier to offer stability while running. So golf shoes are relatively lighter than turf shoes.

4- Spiked Vs Spikeless

Golf shoes come in spiked and spikeless varieties. The former is preferred because it does not damage the terrain and offers high traction. Spikeless types are also prohibited at some clubs. So you must consider these two factors.

If you wear spikeless shoes for playing golf, you can consider investing in turf shoes. They are similar to those models and offer more or less the same amount of traction. So you can get the same benefits as spikeless golf shoes at a lower price.

Golf Shoes Vs Turf Shoes: Which Ones Should You Choose?

Both golf shoes and turf shoes are suitable for playing golf at clubs. However, golf shoes are a better option because of their high flexibility and fewer restrictions at clubs. Golf shoes also offer higher traction than turf shoes on some terrains.

Of course, the top footwear depends mainly on your needs. If your budget is tight, investing in turf shoes would be more cost-effective. However, you should check with your club before getting a specific pair to ensure that it is not banned at the site.


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