How Far Do Average Golfers Hit Each Club?

How Far Do Average Golfers Hit Each Club

When it comes to buying or selecting golf clubs, there are various things to keep in mind.

While each player will need a unique club due to things like their swing style and power generated, we now have averages that allow players to see where they are with each golf club. This can help you choose clubs or give you something to aim at.

So, how far do average golfers hit each club? If we look at the driver, it is worth noting that there are no set averages. Since the driver is the most powerful club, you want to hit it as far as possible. One of the most common numbers that people aim for with the driver is 250-yards, but pros can come close to 400-yards.

To better understand how far you should hit each club, we must look at some of the data. With golf being a popular sport and many people submitting their data, we now have access to these averages. 

Let’s look at what realistic targets you should aim for with each golf club.

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Important Factors That Affect How Far You Hit Your Clubs

While the numbers would say what you could aim for, there are a few important factors to keep in mind when it comes to distance and your clubs.

The following features are important to keep in mind, and they will significantly affect how far you can hit each golf club. 

1- Golf Balls

One of the main determining factors would be the golf balls you have access to. Different golf balls have different aerodynamic patterns, which are also affected by the golf ball’s construction and the core’s energy.

2- Weather Conditions

Additional things like the weather will also play an important role in dictating the overall distance achievable.

For windy conditions, you will gain more distance with a tailwind than you would with a headwind. It is best to look for calm conditions when determining how far you can hit a golf ball.

3- Swing Speed

Another important factor is the swing speed. The swing speed correlates with the golf ball you use, and you will find that a softer golf ball could help you gain more distance with a slower swing speed. Alternatively, a harder golf ball with a higher compression will help players with a faster swing speed.

Bear in mind that swing technique also affects the swing speed and this will have an ultimate effect on how far the golf ball travels when hitting it with each golf club.

4- Physical Condition

Finally, your physical condition will significantly affect how far the ball can go. A larger, more powerful player can generate more force that will propel the ball farther.

Additionally, you might find that as you play a round, your final few holes might not have the same distance due to being tired.

Players at the top of their physical peak might have a better opportunity of propelling the golf ball farther with a specific golf club than someone with a dormant lifestyle. This is why you see many golfers working out in the gym and strengthening certain muscles.

Average Distance By Golf Club

Let’s say you are in the prime of your physical conditioning, and you have the right golf balls that correlate with your swing speed.

If the wind is calm and you feel fully energized, it is the perfect time to measure the yardages you can gain from playing golf.

To help you assess where you are, the following chart will give you an idea:

Golf ClubMale Average YardageFemale Average Yardage
Driver200-260 yards150-200 yards
3-wood180-235 yards125-180 yards
5-wood170-210 yards105-170 yards
2-iron170-210 yards105-170 yards
3-iron160-200 yards100-160 yards
4-iron150-185 yards90-150 yards
5-iron140-170 yards80-140 yards
6-iron130-160 yards70-130 yards
7-iron120-150 yards65-80 yards
8-iron110-140 yards60-110 yards
9-iron95-130 yards55-95-yards
Pitching Wedge80-120 yards50-80 yards
Sand Wedge60-100 yards40-60 yards
The Table Contains Average Distance By Golf Club –

While these numbers can be used to guide you and help you set targets for yourself, they are by no means 100% accurate.

These numbers are based on certain stats submitted to various bodies of golf that regulate the sport. If we compare them to the stats of professional players, you will notice that these are small. 

Top players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy can hit the ball close to 400-yards off the tee when the conditions perfectly line up. 

How Far Should You Hit A Hybrid?

Generally, with 4-iron and 4-hybrid, men can hit 160 to 210 yards while women hit 120 to 170 yards. And the 5-iron and 5-hybrid ranges are about 150 to 200 yards for men and 115 to 160 yards for women, whereas the 6-iron or 6-hybrid ranges are between 140 to 190 yards for men and 110 to 150 for women.

As you might have noticed, we have not included the hybrids in this list. The main reason for their exclusion is that they are not always stapled clubs in your kit.

The only reason for someone to consider adding a hybrid club to the kit is to replace a different club they already have the yardage for.

You will notice that in many golf kits, a player might replace the 4-iron for a 4-hybrid, and this can be done for almost every iron in your kit. In terms of yardages, the yardages for these clubs will be similar to the clubs they are replacing.

It is no use replacing a club if you don’t get the same yardage. However, you might find that a hybrid can give some players more distance and others less.

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Is There A Yardage Gap Between Men And Women In Golf?

While everything is becoming more and more equal, the averages for men are slightly farther than those for female golfers. Some of the reasons include physical strength and tallness of the player, which could significantly affect their performance when they are playing and reduce or extend the range they get with each golf club.

Fortunately, modern technology has enhanced the quality of golf clubs to such an extent that almost every part of the club is interchangeable.

When you combine this with the fact that various golf balls can affect your range, you can see some women even surpassing many men with golf clubs. This mostly happens at an amateur level when the male player does not have his gear sorted perfectly.

In terms of accuracy, we see that professional female golfers tend to be better than men. Due to the touch and the golf clubs can enhance their accuracy, especially in the short game.

Essentially, men might hit the ball slightly farther than their female counterparts, but female competitors tend to drop the ball at the target more frequently.

Should I Change My Golf Clubs If I Don’t Hit These Averages?

It might be easy to think that you simply change your clubs or buy different golf clubs when you don’t hit the estimated averages we have listed. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before throwing away your expensive clubs.

The following aspects should be looked at before you consider replacing your clubs.

  • Club Fitting: You might have the right golf club, but it has not been fitted for your game. If you visit a club fitter, they could make changes that improve your range.
  • Swing Style: If your swing style is slightly off, you might not reach your full potential in terms of the range. We would recommend focusing on perfecting your swing technique before changing clubs.
  • Golf Balls: Once you know your swing speed, you should consider the right golf balls. A player with a slower swing speed will be better when using a golf ball with a lower compression rating. The opposite is true for those with faster swing speeds.
  • Conditions: We have already stated that the conditions, especially the wind, can skew these yardage numbers. We would recommend playing a few rounds at different courses with calm weather to help give you more data to determine your averages.

Changing your golf clubs should only be the last resort, and you should only consider this when you have exhausted every other possibility. It can be very expensive to replace a complete set of golf clubs. Alternatively, you might want to make modifications, which can be done with the assistance of a club fitter.

How Accurate Are Yardage Averages?

Since these numbers are derived from players that manually submit them, you might also want to take some of them with a grain of salt. The yardage averages are not always a true reflection of on-field performance.

Additionally, you would find that some of the top players, like Jordan Spieth, might not have the same yardage totals that other PGA players have.

However, they make up for this with great accuracy and have often overcome the odds due to being a more accurate player.

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Final Thoughts

Knowing your yardage is a great way to enhance your game. Once you get to grips with your game, you can make significant changes, and you could consider changing golf clubs.

These averages are great targets for some players and could help you significantly improve your game totals.

Let us know how you are doing in terms of yardage averages for each club!


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