How Long Is a Golf Cart? (With examples)

Some people use trolleys to carry their golf equipment across the course while walking. This is relatively inexpensive as compared to golf carts. However, the well-developed vehicle offers more flexibility and allows you to rest for a few minutes between the shots.

So, how long is a golf cart? On average, a standard golf cart is 36 inches (91.44 cm) in width, 96 inches long (243.84 cm) in length, and 72 inches (182.88 cm) in height. The width of a golf cart is crucial when choosing a golf cart.

Of course, you must consider various factors before purchasing a golf cart. The top one is the vehicle’s dimensions. If you want to know a golf cart’s length and its importance, you’re on the right platform. Below is all the information you require.

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How Long Is a Golf Cart_ (With examples)
How Long Is a Golf Cart_ (With examples) –

Why Are Golf Cart Dimensions Important?

Here are the primary reasons why golf cart’s dimensions are important

1- Determines The Seat Number

You must know that the size of your golf cart determines how many seats it will have. This will help you to know whether the vehicle is suitable for you. The right balance is necessary between the dimensions and seats to offer good space for storing equipment

Knowing the average size of different carts will also prevent you from online scams if you’re purchasing a used vehicle. Some sellers may claim the vehicle to have four seats, but you may receive a cart for two passengers. The frequency of scams is not high, but that does not mean you should avoid taking precautions.

2- Let You Know Whether It Will Fit In Your Truck Bed

Many suppliers offer to deliver the golf cart to your home by charging a delivery fee. Of course, you may want to save money because of a tight budget. This is why you can pick up the cart from the shop yourself by using your vehicle with a truck bed. So knowing the dimensions is necessary to determine whether the cart will fit in the truck.

You may also be renting or borrowing the truck from someone else if you don’t have such a vehicle. The space at the back is limited, so it does not fit all golf carts. If you know the cart’s length, you can rent a suitable truck to transport the vehicle easily. You may also hire a trailer service to deliver the golf cart.

Remember that the trailer service provider will need the dimensions to use a suitable vehicle. So you must know the length, width, and height of the cart for the best experience. It will also be helpful for taking the cart to your golf club in the correct truck or trailer.

3- Necessary For Storing The Cart In Your Garage

Some golf courses offer space for keeping your cart safe at the site so that you don’t have to bring it on every visit. This feature is primarily offered by luxury clubs with expansive designs. Meanwhile, you will have to store the cart at your home if your club does not offer space.

Remember that your garage must be suitable to fit the vehicle. Golf carts are relatively higher than standard cars. So you may not be able to fit it in your garage with a low height. This means you will have to keep the cart outside the shed, which may cause security concerns.

For safety reasons, you may also keep the golf cart in a storage unit near your club or home. Again, you must know the dimensions to rent a suitable unit for the vehicle. You will also have to do extensive research to find a place that helps you store golf carts.

4- Allows You To Know The Weight

The dimensions of a golf cart directly affect its weight and storage capacity. Larger vehicles are heavier and more suitable for carrying more golf equipment than smaller carts. Some suppliers don’t tell the exact weight of the cart, so you may use the dimensions to understand the average value. 

Knowing the average weight will prevent you from overloading your cart with equipment. You should remember the weight is also necessary to know for the passengers. If you’re a plus-sized individual, you need to ensure the golf cart can support your weight. 

The dimensions will help you determine whether the vehicle is suitable for you. If you overload the cart, it may not function properly, causing you to suffer a loss.

5- Helps You Tow The Cart Easily

The dimensions are also necessary to know if you want to tow the cart to the golf course. You can understand the average weight and use the correct equipment to attach the cart to your vehicle.

If you use a rope, you must choose the one with high tensile strength. This will prevent the bond from breaking while transporting.

Besides that, the dimensions will also help you carry equipment easily. You can know the load capacity of the cart easily. So you will not have to worry about leaving essential equipment at home. You may also be able to accommodate more people if the cart is long.

How Long Is A Golf Cart?

The average golf cart measures 75 inches from the front to the center of the back tire. The average length of a two-people golf cart is about 96 inches. Also, the market offers different and longer golf carts with multiple rows of seating or room for cargo and equipment.

This figure does not consider the number of seats or the vehicle’s brand. Every company has a different size for their carts, depending on the passenger limit. The weight also varies because of the dimensions.

Besides that, the width of a golf car’s seat has an average value of 41.5 inches. Meanwhile, the roof ranges from 54 to 112 inches. The exact figure depends on the number of seats, but most brands offer the earlier range. Here is a table to understand how long is a golf cart:

How Long Is a Golf Cart With Back Seat

The average width of a golf cart remains more or less the same regardless of the number of seats. You will encounter a primary difference only in the vehicle’s length. This is because the cart becomes elongated when more seats are added.

The table below shows a golf cart size depending on the number of seats available.

Number Of SeatsLength in InchesLength in MeterWidthHeight
Golf Cart With Two92 inches or 7ft 8in233.68 cm48 inches70 to 80 inches
Golf Cart With Four110 inches or 9ft 2in279.4 cm48 inches70 to 80 inches
Golf Cart With Six144 inches or 12ft365.76 cm48 inches70 to 80 inches
Table Displays Golf Carts size Depending On The Number Of Seats Available –

How Much Do Golf Carts Weigh?

Weight is an essential thing to know, along with a golf cart’s dimensions. The average value falls in the range of 600 to 900 pounds. Knowing the weight is necessary for various reasons. For instance, it determines how well you can navigate the vehicle on a golf course.

Besides that, weight also affects the towing capacity of the cart. If you tow the vehicle to the course, you must know your primary car can withstand the weight. Otherwise, it will not be able to move at an adequate speed.

Here is a table to help you understand the weight of golf carts by different brands:

BrandTypeAverage Weight In InchesAverage Weight in Kg
EZ-GoElectric Cart924 pounds419.119 kg
EZ-GOGas Gold Cart740 pounds335.658 kg
Club CarVillager 81,280 pounds580.598 kg
YamahaDrive Cart950 pounds430.913 kg
Table Contains Average Weight Of Different Golf Cart in Inches And Kilogram –

How Long Is a Golf Cart With Back Seat?

The average golf cart dimensions are about 92 x 48 x 75 inches (or 234 x 122 x 190 cm) for a standard two-seat golf cart. However, a golf cart’s dimensions typically vary mainly in length because of the number of seats a golf cart can have. The more seats a cart has, the bigger the size.

Most golf carts are between 95 to 96 inches (243.84cm) in length. The size of a golf cart is essential to determine how much space would be required for parking the vehicle.

The width of the golf cart typically measures from left to right across the broadest part of the cart, including wheels (and generally excludes other accessories, including side mirrors).

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How Tall Is a Golf Cart With a Roof?

In general, the width of a golf cart roof depends on whether it is a two-seater or a four-seater one. The width varies from 54 inches to 112 inches.

The height of a golf cart includes the golf cart’s tallest point from the surface up. There are typically two ways to estimate the height of the cart. 

  • You can estimate the height of the cart by measuring the distance between the tire touching the surface and the steering wheel. 
  • Or you can also estimate the height of the cart by measuring your golf cart from its wheels to its uppermost part

The roof of a golf cart protects you from harsh weather, including rain and the scorching sun. However, if your golf cart comes without a roof, it is always advised to get a roof installed for the cart’s comfort and longevity.

If you need to add a rear seat that was not installed initially, you will also need to alter your golf cart slightly.

Golf Cart Dimensions Based On The Brand And Model

The table below displays the exact dimensions based on the make and model of the cart.

EZ-Go Golf Cart‘s Dimensions

Model NameWidth In InchesLength In InchesHeight Including The Roof In Inches
Freedom TXT Electric47 in  93 in 67.5 in
Freedom TXT Gas47 in 93 in  67.5 in
Freedom RXV Electric 47 in94.5 in70 in
Freedom RXV ELiTE 47 in  94.5 in68.5 in
Freedom RXV Gas47 in94.5 in68.5 in
EZ-Go 2 Five Electric 47.2 in107 in  81.8 in 
EZ-Go Express  52.9 in111.8 in 76.8 in
E-Z-GO Express S448.4 in118.1 in81.8 in
EZ-Go Express L648.4 in143.3 in72 in
Table Contains EZ-Go Golf Cart’s Dimensions –

Yamaha Golf Cart‘s Dimensions

Model NameWidth In InchesLength In InchesHeight Including The Roof In Inches
Drive 2 – PTV47.2 in 93.7 in70 in
Drive 2 – Fleet 47.2 in 93.7 in70 in 
Adventure Sport 2+2 50.9 in108.9 in50 in
Yamaha UMAX ONE 49.3 in111.45 in74 in
UMAX RELLY 153.5 in114.5 in74 in
UMAX TWO  49.3 in119.3 in 74 in
Yamaha UMAX RELLY 253.5 in122.4 in74 in
Concierge 4 47.2 in128 in75.2 in
Table Contains Yamaha Golf Cart’s Dimensions –

Club Car Golf Carts‘ Dimensions

Model NameWidth In InchesLength In InchesHeight Including The Roof In Inches
Onward 2 Passenger Electric48-3/4 in92 in71 in
Onward 2 Passenger Gas48-3/4 in92 in71 in
Onward 4 Passenger Electric48-3/4 in108 in71 in
Onward 4 Passenger Gas 48-3/4 in 108 in 71 in
Onward Lifted 4 Passenger Electric48-3/4 in 108 in 71 in
Onward Lifted 4 Passenger Gas48-3/4 in 108 in71 in
Villager 2 Electric50.8 in110.1 in 49.8 in
Villager 2 Gas    47 in92 in 69 in
Table Contains Club Car Golf Carts’ Dimensions –

Final Thoughts

This is your complete dimensions guide for a golf cart. You must remember these average values when purchasing the vehicle. It will help you carry the cart in a truck bed without issues.

You will also not have to worry about the vehicle not fitting in your garage. So always check the length, width, and height of the cart.


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