How To Flatten Perfect Practice Putting Mat (Here’s how!)

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How To Flatten Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Every enthusiastic golfer like me has invested in a perfect practice putting mat for training or just for fun. However, I first struggled to understand how to flatten Perfect Practice putting mat. It comes with a learning curve, but you eventually understand. 

You might wonder how to flatten perfect practice putting mat? The best way to flatten perfect practice putting mat is by removing the molding around the edges of the mat. And then, you apply some glue, allow it to dry, and sand the excess glue to help your mat stay in place. All these steps will allow you to flatten the putting mat in the best way possible. 

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Read on to find out more about how to make the best use of your perfect putting mat, including its pros.

Steps To Flatten A Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The key to boosting your putting mat’s performance is to learn how to flatten perfect practice putting mat. Here is a complete step-by-step guide you need to follow to flatten the mat:

1- Eliminate Molding From The Edges 

To flatten the mat, you first need to eliminate the molding from the edges. You can begin to eliminate mold by using a clothes iron. We recommend keeping the iron on a low setting and placing it on top of the mat. 

You must press down on the mat using the iron. Please don’t move it from side to side, as that will not have the desired effect. Instead, press the iron down in one direction

Once you are done, let the mat cool down before you fold it again because folding it while hot will cause wrinkles. Be sure to remove the molding from the edges and move on to the next step. 

2- Apply A Thin Layer Of Glue 

After your mat has cooled down, you must apply a thin layer of glue, such as Elmer’s Glue, to the bottom of your mat. You can apply two coats, such as the bottom and top coat, to ensure the mat stays in place and flat while using.

If you experience any issues with the mat, you can always remove the glue with ease. You can use a thin layer of Elmer’s Glue before using the mat each time to flatten it out and keep it in place. Be careful not to use excess glue, as that can ruin the quality of your mat. 

3- Let The Glue Dry

After the application of the glue, you must let it dry completely. Keep the mat in place, and don’t move it while it is drying. Doing this will allow your putting mat to be stable and flat enough for you to practice on with ease

Rushing the drying process will cause issues with properly bonding the adhesive. Besides that, it will also ensure that your mat doesn’t stay flat for long. Ensure you give the putting mat and the glue enough time to dry out. 

Sometimes, this might take a day, which is why it is good to wait with patience. To hurry the process, you can use a heat gun or hairdryer to guarantee it dries up fast. However, you must remain careful as you don’t want to overheat your mat. 

4- Sand Away Excess Glue 

Finally, it is time for you to sand away excess glue on your Perfect Practice putting mat. Sanding is easy and won’t take up much of your time. The step will ensure your putting mat stays in place and also looks good

Be gentle with the sanding because if you remove too much of the glue, your mat will not stick properly on the floor.

It can also cause damage to the fabric and affect your golf game. Sanding right will guarantee the durability of your putting mat for a long time. 

Check out the video below on how to use a perfect putting mat.

Benefits Of Practicing On A Flat Perfect Practice Putting Mat 

Now that you know how to flatten Perfect Practice putting mat, you might be wondering about the benefits it has to offer. Here are the top advantages you will reap from practicing on this putting mat:

1- Improve Your Putting Stroke 

As you practice your putting, your stroke will become much better. There are marks and lines on the Perfect Practice putting mat to help you with alignment and tracking ball path. These things will help you create consistent and good putting habits. 

2- Game Improvement With Repetition 

One of the top ways to improve your golf game is to hit the ball over and over again. The Perfect Practice putting mat will allow you to practice your game and hit balls at home on your own time and schedule.

Because of this, you will have more practice, and the repetitive movements will help you improve your golf practice. 

3- Enhances Confidence 

As you practice daily, your confidence in the gold game will enhance. After all, those eight to ten-foot putts become much easier when you have the practice.

Golf is related to muscle memory and repetition, which is what your putting mat will help you with. 

4- Distance Control 

One of the most challenging parts about putting is the tricky element of distance control, as you don’t want to over or under-hit.

With the Perfect Practice Putting mat, you will find an improvement in distance control. Of course, all of this will come with practice, time, and patience. 

Perfect Practice Putting Mat And Its Accessories

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is one of the best putting mats all golfers can invest in to improve their game at home. Its surface offers a true roll, and the quality is impeccable. Besides that, the design is created keeping your needs in mind, as all the distances are marked. 

If you require a fun yet challenging solution, it doesn’t get better than the Perfect Practice putting mat. But, it will boost your golf game for a long time to come.  

You can also invest in some of the brand’s accessories to get the most out of your Perfect Practice Putting Mat. These include:

1- Perfect Practice Golf Putting Mirror

A golf putting mirror is a training aid for accuracy and consistency with your golf game. You can use it to check your eye position and assess your shoulder and head alignment for the ideal shot.

You can use it for fantastic at-home training regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner. 

2- Perfect Practice Putting Gate

A putting gate Improves your strokes with the putting gate offered by Perfect Practice. The best way to use these gates is outdoors, but you can also use them during an indoor golf game.

Golfers of every skill level can use these training aids to take their game to the next level. 

Why Does The Perfect Putting Mat Have a Slope?

The perfect putting mat has a slope to help build golfers’ muscle memory to accelerate the ball with their putting stroke and reach the hole with their putts. An uphill slope allows the mat to have a ball return chute to move the ball back to the golfer after putting it.

In addition, some indoor putting mats have a slope or ramp-up to help golfers develop a repetitive ‘positive’ putting stroke where they accelerate the ball at impact and do not leave the ball short of the hole.

Does The Perfect Practice Putting Mat Work On Carpet?

A Perfect Practice putting mats generally work on all types of flooring, including carpet, wood, tile, and even Hardwood. Putting mats are best for at-home, gym, basement, office, or even kitchen usage to help improve your golf game. I suggest you find a flat spot, so the putts do not break from uneven flooring.

More importantly, using a putting mat will boost your confidence in your ability to make more putts on the course.

Is Perfect Putting Mat Worth It? The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is worth it, particularly if you have the space to commit to a putting trainer. When you hit the ball, it returns, making it easy to put in the time to perfect your stroke. You will see a massive improvement in your golf game with patience and persistence.

Final Words

That was everything you needed to know about how to flatten Perfect Practice putting mat. You can follow our step-by-step guide to flatten the may using a clothes iron and some Elmer’s Glue. After you are done, the mat will be flat and stay in place as you practice your golf game. 

We recommend that you use other training aids and accessories with the putting mat to enhance your golf game even more.

Consistency and dedication will help you get the results you require for a long time. So, improve your golf game with the best training materials on the market. 


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