How To Know If You Need Longer Golf Clubs? (This is how!)

How To Know If You Need Longer Golf Clubs
How To Know If You Need Longer Golf Clubs? (This is how!) –

The length of your golf club is one of the most essential parts of buying the right golf clubs. The length of the golf clubs will affect everything from the swing to the style of your game.

It is essential to have golf clubs fitted to your needs, ensuring that you have a comfortable swing technique with minimal adjustments needed.

So, how to know if you need longer golf clubs? One of the most common reasons that could lead to you needing longer golf clubs will be your height. If you are taller than the golf clubs you own, you will need to adjust your swing technique to reach for the golf ball.

Since you won’t be comfortable, you could lose plenty of power with your shots, which affects your game.

To ensure that you know when you need longer golf clubs, we have identified nine possible signs that you have to look into. These could indicate that it is time for longer clubs or that the golf clubs you currently have do not cut it. 

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9 Signs That You Need Longer Golf Clubs

You might need to visit a club-fitter if you feel uncomfortable playing shots. The club fitter will measure your length and help determine the exact length of the golf clubs you might need.

Before visiting a club fitter, you can look at some of these signs that could also indicate you need new golf clubs. Here are nine important signs to look out for:

1- Height

One of the most important aspects that could lead to you needing new golf clubs will be your height as a player. Traditional golf clubs you often buy off the shelf are designed for players in the range of 6 feet. This is often the height of many average people, which means the market for these players will be larger.

Players taller than 6’ might need to add one inch or half an inch depending on their height. However, you might not want to do this for all your golf clubs.

If you feel a certain golf club is a good fit, you might want to keep it at the standard length. Shorter clubs like the 8 or 9 iron might need to be longer than your 6-iron, and you will have to play around the find the right balance.

2- Arm Length

Another reason many players might need to adjust the length of their golf clubs is due to having unnaturally long or short arms.

If your arms are out of sync with the rest of your body, it could influence your swing. Unfortunately, this is one of the most technical aspects that you have to consider.

Visiting a club-fitter would often be best to ensure your clubs are the right length.

3- Slicing The Ball/ Hooking The Ball

If the golf clubs are too long, you will force yourself to stand farther away. The opposite is true if the clubs are too short. If the clubs are not the correct length, you could find that it skews off the golf club in one or the other direction. 

While this could be due to poor contact with the golf ball or even a bad swing technique, you should visit a club fitter.

By testing a few shots, your club fitter will suggest whether you need to lengthen or shorten the golf clubs to improve performance.

4- You Might Lose Distance

Many people believe that taller golfers tend to hit the golf ball farther than their shorter counterparts. The main reason for this is the taller player’s ability to use a wider arc. The wider arc will help generate more clubhead speed, which could contribute to more power being behind the shot.

If you find that you are losing distance without a reasonable explanation, you might need to enhance the length of your golf clubs. 

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5- Incorrect Swing Posture/ Knees May Be Too Bent

Another issue that we often see when players have golf clubs that are too short is that they bend their knees excessively. The bent knees are compensation that helps them reach the golf ball more eloquently and feel comfortable when they are playing. However, it leads to an unnatural swing style that could hinder performance.

If you notice that you are bending your knees too much, you should consider checking the length of your golf clubs.

The main purpose of the golf club length is to ensure that you have the ultimate level of comfort for each swing.

6- Unnatural Swing Path

If you look at any golfer, you will find that they often have a natural swing path. The swing path can be defined as the position where the golf club starts and where it ends.

Everything in between is the swing path that the club takes to reach the final destination. If you play shots, your swing path should be consistent and comfortable.

If you feel the swing path varies too much, you might need different golf clubs, and the sizing might be off. You can set up a camera and record yourself playing shots.

You will notice that the more shots you play, the more data you have. Check to see how consistent your swing path is to determine if it is your style or the length of the clubs.

7- Swing Speed/ Tempo Issues

When it comes to playing golf, finding the right rhythm can be detrimental to your performance. You will need to ensure that you have the right tempo to provide you with a comfortable swing style and technique.

If your swing tempo is inconsistent, you won’t be able to play consistent shots, and you could find that one shot is different from the other.

Once again, you will need to enlist the assistance of a good club fitter to help you and ensure that your club length does not affect your swing style and speed.

Keep in mind that every golf club might need to be slightly adjusted to make sure that they serve their purpose correctly when playing.

8- Club Feels Too Light

This point might not make sense to everyone, but the weight of your golf club is also essential when it comes to playing a good golf shot.

The longer a golf club, the heavier it tends to be, and you need to ensure that your clubs are the desired weight you need when playing. You will notice more consistency and a better swing as well.

If the golf clubs feel too light when you are playing, they probably are. You might need to find different golf clubs that are more akin to the weight that you will need when playing.

By adding club extenders, you could easily extend the length of these clubs to make sure that they offer you a bit more comfort when playing.

9- It Feels Uncomfortable

Finally, you will notice that your club simply feels uncomfortable if it is not the correct length.

It is important that you feel confident when using your golf clubs, and having an uncomfortable feeling with any club could be a sign that your clubs need to be adjusted. 

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How Do You Lengthen A Golf Club?

If you have determined that your golf club is too short, you can consider lengthening the club. Generally, this is done with the help of a professional club fitter, but if you are confident in your measurements, you could also do this at home.

Here is how we would recommend you go about lengthening the golf club:

1- Measuring The Correct Length

While some say you should add one inch for every inch of length you have, most people differ, and things like arm length could have an impact.

You should find a tape measure and measure the length of the club. Once you have the length, you can determine how much needs to be added.

2- Adding An Extender

There is numerous club extender available for golf clubs. You will need to buy the right one and take apart the golf club with the head removed.

This enables you to add the extender, but keep in mind that adding more length will increase the overall weight of the club as well. You could consider buying a new shaft if you are willing to dole out a few bucks.

3- Repeat Until Satisfied

Once you have the desired club length, you should consider testing the golf clubs. This could take some time to figure out, but if you still feel uncomfortable, you could just repeat the process.

Bear in mind that it could be complicated to extend your golf clubs without the right tools. The following video should make it easier.

How To Know If You Need Longer Golf Clubs? (This is how!) –

How Long Should Your Golf Clubs Be For Your height?

Most people believe that a golfer’s height is the primary factor in deciding how long their golf clubs should be. However, most expert fitters believe that height doesn’t directly correlate with club length.

Measuring your overall height is the process’s first and most essential step. But remember that this is not enough to decide the proper length of your golf club shaft. Measuring your overall height is just one of the measurements required for adequately fitting a club.

The table below represents a suggested golf club length chart based exclusively on the overall height.

Golfer’s Height in Inches Suggested Golf Club Length Adjustments In InchesGolfer’s Height in Centimeters Suggested Golf Club Length Adjustments In Centimeters
Under 4’10”Subtract 2″ 147.325.08
Between 4’10” to 5″Subtract 1 to 1/2″147.32 to 152.402.54 to 1.27
Between 5’0″ to 5’2″Subtract 1″152.40 to 157.482.54
Between 5’2″ to 5’4″Subtract 1/2″157.48 to 162.561.27
Between 5’4″ to 5’7″Subtract 1/4″162.56 to 170.180.64
Between 5’7″ to 6’1″Standard golf club length in inches170.18 to 185.42 Standard golf club length in centimeters
Between 6’1″ to 6’2″Add 1/4″185.42  to 187.960.64
Between 6’2″ to 6’4″Add 1/2″187.96 to 193.041.27
Between 6’4″ to 6’6″Add 1″193.04 to 198.122.54
Between 6’6″ to 6’8″Add 1 to 1/2″198.12 to 203.22.54 to 1.27
Above 6’8″Add 2″Above 203.25.08
The table Displays a Suggested Golf Club Length Chart Based Exclusively On The Overall Height –

Is It Better To Have Longer Or Shorter Golf Clubs?

In general, shorter golf clubs can give golfers more control, making the golf club more forgiving. Even though longer clubs can help boost speed and launch angle, shorter clubs can be easier to hit solid because of the reduced swing arc. In addition, a longer golf club will help launch the ball higher, promote more fade bias, and enhance strike location, particularly for players that miss it on the toe.

  • If you have shorter arms, you may want longer length clubs to avoid bending over too much.
  • Similarly, if you have longer arms, you can choose a shorter club build to avoid standing up too straight.

The most common factors to consider when choosing a golf club are swing speed, swing style, golfer’s skill, and general preferences of the player.

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Final Thoughts

Having golf clubs with the right length will be essential to your game. It is of utmost importance that you feel comfortable while playing the game.

You should also make sure your swing is on point. We would recommend visiting a club fitter to help determine if your golf clubs are the right length.


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