10 Pros And Cons of Strong Golf Grip

Overall, playing golf comes with a lot of benefits, including increased physical and mental well-being and extended life expectancy showed a study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Additionally, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider when it comes to having a strong golf grip. So what are the pros and cons of strong golf grip?

On the one hand, a strong grip can help you hit the ball farther and with more accuracy. However, if your grip is too strong, you may find yourself struggling with control and consistency.

Read on to find out how your grip affects your golf games and tips on how to find the right level of grip for better golf performance.

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Pros And Cons of Strong Golf Grip
10 Pros And Cons of Strong Golf Grip – golfingsphere.com

How Important Is It To Have The Right Grip In Golf?

Having the proper grip in golf is essential because positioning your hands on the golf club allows orientation control of its face at the moment of impact (closed, open, or square on).

In addition, having the proper grip in golf allows having more fluid movement on our wrists and, consequently, better the strength in moving the club.

The grip is something that connects you to the club, and it’s the only part of the golf club that you actually touch. There are only 2 main types of grips: the interlocking grip and the overlapping grip.

  • The overlapping grip is when you overlap your pinkie finger on your left hand with your index finger on your right hand.
  • The interlocking grip is when you actually intertwine your fingers together.

Which grip you opt for is up to you, but many professional golfers use the interlocking grip because it provides a little more control over the golf club. Whichever type of grip you opt for, just ensure that you’re comfortable with it and that it feels good in your hands.

If you’re not sure which grip is right for you, ask a professional golf instructor or take a few practice swings with a variety of grips until you identify one that feels comfortable. Once you find a good grip, stick with it and don’t change it.

A good grip is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters. You also need to have a good stance and swing if you want to hit the ball well.


Pros Of A Strong Golf Grip

Let’s discuss the benefits of a strong golf grip.

1- Easier to Bring Club from Inside

It becomes easier to bring the club from the inside. This is a big advantage for anyone who struggles with their swing plane and often ends up hitting shots that fade or slice.

With a stronger grip, you’ll be able to keep the club more on-plane and reduce the amount of sidespin on your shots. This will lead to straighter, more consistent shots that fly further and land softer on the green.

Overall, a strong golf grip is a great way to improve your ball striking and shot-making ability. If you’re struggling with your swing plane or finding it difficult to hit different shot shapes, definitely give a stronger grip a try. 

Another big benefit of a strong grip is that it gives you more control over your shot shaping. 


2- Strong Grip Allows You To Hit The Ball Farther

A strong golf grip is one of the main things that will enable you to hit the ball far. The reason for this is that when you have a strong grip, you are able to apply more force to the ball. This, in turn, results in the ball traveling further distances.

It also allows you to hit the ball with more accuracy as you are able to control the clubface more. 

A strong grip also provides more power and speed. This means that you will be able to hit the ball harder and faster, which is great if you want to boost your game.

3- It Is Easier To Hit A Draw

One of the advantages of maintaining a strong grip on the golf club is that it becomes much easier to hit a draw.

A draw is a ball flight that starts out to the right of the target before curving back towards the left and finishing closer to the target than where it started. This is generally considered a more desirable ball flight than a slice, which is where the golf ball starts out to the left of the target and then curves more severely towards the right.

For most golfers, it is much easier to control their ball flight when they hit a draw. This is because a draw puts a spin on the ball in such a way that it remains more stable in flight. Conversely, a slice puts a spin on the ball that makes it more likely to move around in the air, making it much harder to control.

4- Strong Golf Grip Makes It Possible To Hit The Ball With A Good Turn

A strong grip can help you hit the ball with a good turn. This will help you to improve your accuracy and distance. With a weaker grip, you are forced to use more of your arms and less of your body. This makes it difficult to generate power and results in a lot of wasted energy.

A stronger grip lets you use more of your body, which provides more power and accuracy. One of the main problems with a weak grip is that it causes a wrist break. This not only makes it difficult to hit the ball squarely but can also lead to injuries.

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Cons Of A Strong Golf Grip

Here are the drawbacks of a strong golf grip.

5- You May Not Be Able To Correctly Swing The Club

One of the cons of having a strong golf grip is that you may not be able to correctly swing the club. This can lead to hitting the ball inaccurately, which can impact your score.

It is important to ensure that you have a good grip on the club, but not too tight, in order to be able to swing it correctly.

6- You May Hit The Ball Farther Than You Would Like

A strong grip on the golf club will often result in hitting the ball further than you intended.

A strong grip can also make it difficult to control your shots, making it more likely that you will slice or hook the ball.

7- A Strong Grip May Sprain Your Wrist

A strong grip on the golf club can actually cause your wrist to sprain. The reason for this is that you’re putting too much pressure on your wrist when you swing. 

8- Your Swing May Suffer

If you have a strong grip, it may actually hinder your swing. The reason for this is that you won’t be able to turn your wrists as much. You may find that your shots are less accurate and that you don’t have the same power behind them.

9- It Can Result In Closed Clubface

One of the main cons of a strong golf grip is that it can result in a closed clubface. When the clubface is closed, it becomes more difficult to hit the ball squarely.

Additionally, a closed clubface can promote a hook or slice.

10- It Can Be Difficult To Achieve Backspin

One of the main cons of having a strong golf grip is that it can be difficult to achieve a backspin. Backspin is important for a number of reasons, including making the ball stop quickly on the green and reducing the chance of a roll-out.

If you have a strong grip, you may find it hard to generate enough spin to get the ball to stop quickly. Additionally, a strong grip can make it difficult to hit the ball squarely. When the clubface hits the ball off-center, it can cause a slice or a hook.

Hitting a slice or a hook is often due to an incorrect grip, and it can be difficult to correct if you have a strong grip.

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Wrapping Up

Overall, having a proper golf grip plays an essential role in golf. We are all different, and what works for some might not work for others.

I suggest you experiment and see what works best for you. Like anything in life, having a strong golf grip has advantages and disadvantages. Review this article to better understand the pros and cons of strong golf grip.


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