8 Reasons Why Golf Is a Sport

Many people around the world play golf for personal and professional reasons. The activity serves as a good getaway for many people wanting to relieve stress and network. In addition, golf offers tremendous health benefits, according to studies.

Golf can help you become fit and enjoy quality time with loved ones. Here are the reasons why golf is a sport:

  • Golf falls under the definition of a sport
  • Golf is an Olympic sport
  • Golfers are extremely competitive
  • Golf involves a lot of walking
  • Golf is a good workout
  • Most universities consider golf a sport
  • Sports management companies represent golfers
  • Playing golf burns more calories than other sport

However, many people wonder whether golf is a sport or not. If you’re also wondering about this, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore in detail why golf is a sport.

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Reasons Why Golf Is A Sport
8 Reasons Why Golf Is A Sport – golfingsphere.com

Is Golf A Sport Or A Hobby?

Golf is a sport because it requires you to use your mental and physical strength. It is quite competitive and involves the usage of muscles for completing the swings. All these things are features that make an activity a sport.

This is why you should consider golfing a sport. Of course, the activity may be done as a hobby too. Like all other sports, you can play golf recreationally to gain peace and stay fit. However, you can also pursue a professional career as a golf player.

Golf is a sport and meets the general definition of sport. Golf requires mental and physical capacity, physical extortion, and muscle use, and it is highly competitive. A big part of any sport, particularly golf, is being competitive. Golf is generally seen as just a fun game, but most golfers are highly competitive.


8 Reasons Why Golf Is A Sport

Now that you know golf is a sport, you may want to know the specific things that make it a sport. So here are the seven reasons why this activity is a sport:

1- It Obeys The Definition Of Sport

A sport is a game that uses a specific set of rules and enables people to compete against each other. It also requires you to perform physical activities. These are the primary definitions of sport as per Merriam-Webster.

Sport is a game or contest in which individuals do certain physical activities according to a specific set of rules and compete against one another.


Golf fulfills both definitions because it requires you to take swings against a ball. You can also play the activity alone or compete with a friend. This is why there is no doubt about golf being a sport. The game also has multiple rules for you to follow.

2- It Is An Olympic Sport

The Olympics is a major sports event that takes place after every four years. It involves competitions of multiple games. The best part is that golf is also one of the Olympics contests. This is another thing that adds to the status of golf as a sport.

This game returned to the Olympics in 2016 and is more athletic than some other contests in the event. It requires you to perform hand-coordinated movements to take good swings. You also require a high mental capacity to aim correctly and score points.

3- Golf Is Highly Competitive

Many people don’t believe that golf is a competitive sport because it seems easy to take shots. However, that is a conception. Playing this game is relatively tricky if you don’t have experience. You have to maintain a good grip and wear the right gear to ensure the club does not fall out of your hand.

Besides that, you also have to aim from a specific distance in some rounds to put the ball in the hole. This requires a lot of precision and physical strength to ensure the ball reaches close to the space. Years of practice are also necessary to participate in competitive events.

Reasons Why Golf Is A Sport
8 Reasons Why Golf Is A Sport – golfingsphere.com

4- Golf Involves A Lot Of Walking

Golf may not seem like a physically active sport like football or basketball, but that is not the case. The game requires gradual physical exertion instead of fast-paced exercises. For instance, you have to walk about six miles or more during each round. So golf is a good way to burn some calories.

Caddies are also provided mainly to professional players and not normal gamers. This means you will have to carry your own bag and move across the field. So you must have a lot of strength and flexibility if you want to enjoy golf.

5- Golf Is Tough

Another similarity that golf has with other sports is that it is tough. Many people who take up this activity as a pastime agrees with this. Playing golf requires high dedication because you have to walk a lot, aim precisely, and wear specific gear. For instance, it is suitable to wear golf gloves during the rounds.

You also have to practice for hours to improve your swings and score. Playing golf also requires you to build sufficient muscle strength to play without exhausting yourself promptly.

It may also take months or years for you to learn how to play this activity. This is another reason why golf is referred to as a sport and not just a hobby.

6- Educational Institutes Consider Golf A Sport

If you’re in a college or other educational institute, you can check with the extra-curricular department about playing golf. All the coaches will refer to the activity as a sport instead of a hobby. This is because of the muscle use, mental capacity, and learning curve this activity requires.

Institutes and universities, including Harvard University, that offer golf to students provide different divisions for men and women.

In addition, golf receives high media attention during tournaments and other events. So you should have no doubts about the sports status of golf.

7- Sports Management Companies Represent Golfers

This is another thing that adds to the status of golf as a sport. Many agencies represent golfers like other athletes. Besides that, the game gets sufficiently great attention from the audience. Tiger Woods, a renowned golfer, is one of the world’s richest athletes.

Brands also offer additional accessories for golf and refer to the game as a sport. Many experts agree that the activity requires high performance and training like other games. Golf requires great attention, muscle training, and specific lessons for improving. 

8- Playing Golf Burns More Calories Than Other Sport

Playing golf is an excellent way to get and stay in shape. According to Harvard Health Publishing, golf burns more calories than Volleyball, Kayaking, Skateboarding, and even Dancing.

The table below shows the calories burned by golfers for 1 hour.

Activity: Golf125-pound (57 kg) person155-pound (70 kg) person185-pound (84 kg) person
Golf: using a cart210252294
Golf: carrying clubs330 396462
Table Contains Calories Burned Playing Golf – golfingsphere.com (Source: Harvard Health Publishing)

Differences Between Golf And Other Sports

Golf may be a sport with similarities to other games, but it also has some key differences. Here’s what you must know about them:

1- Different Courses

The primary thing that sets golf apart from other sports is that the game includes multiple courses. All of the courses are different and offer various challenges. This is another feature that adds to the difficulty of golf, making it more challenging than other games.

2- You Don’t Need An Opponent Or Team

Most other sports, such as basketball, football, and tennis, require you to play against an opponent. Some of them are also played in teams.

However, you don’t have to worry about a partner or opponent in golf. You can play the course alone and keep track of your score. 

3- You Track Your Own Score

No one will monitor your golf score, so you will have to note it yourself. This system aims to implement honesty in players by making them responsible for their scores.

The quality is taught from an early stage in golf, and all golfers amateurs, and professionals are expected to uphold the values.

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Final Words

These are the top eight reasons why golf is a sport. The game can also be a hobby under the sports category. It all depends mainly on whether you want to play golf recreationally or professionally.

In the beginning, golf can be a challenging sport that requires a lot of practice to master. However, it can be a fun game once you get the hang of it.

Playing golf is an excellent way to relax, socialize, enjoy the outdoors, and even increase your professional career opportunities.


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