Senior Flex Vs. Regular Flex: Key differences and which one should you be using?

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Senior Flex Vs. Regular Flex
Senior Flex Vs. Regular Flex: Key differences and which one should you be using? –

One of the important factors that every golfer should consider when buying new clubs is the shaft flex. The shaft flex will affect various aspects, which often include the trajectory and distance of the golf shot. Understanding senior flex vs. regular flex would ensure that you have the shaft for your clubs that matches your style.

Senior Flex Vs. Regular Flex: what’s the difference? Senior flex is slightly more flexible than regular flex and provides players with a slower swing speed, the additional flex they would need for creating momentum. Regular flex provides more stiffness for players who already have a decent swing speed off the tee.

However, you need to choose which would be best for you, which could mean diving a bit deeper and looking at the effect of each level of flex.

The main idea of this article would help you better understand the level of flex and ensure that when selecting a new golf club, you know exactly what to look for.

Understanding Shaft Flexibility

It is vital that players first grasp the concept of shaft flex before they start looking at how it would affect the overall gameplay. The shaft flex can have a significant effect on your overall performance, which might hinder or improve your gameplay, but what does shaft flex mean:

Shaft flex refers to how much the shaft bends during the swing motion and allows the golf club to build more momentum. The more the shaft bends, the more momentum you can build. However, too much flex could lead the club to twist, which might lead to a loss of accuracy.

It is important to understand which flex level you are looking for. The flex can generate additional speed from the golf club, which improves the angle of the shot connecting the golf ball.

Once the club flexes, it maximizes the angle at which the shot makes a connection, improving the overall distance of the shot.

Senior Flex Vs. Regular Flex
Senior Flex Vs. Regular Flex: Key differences and which one should you be using? –

What Is The Difference Between Senior Flex And Regular Flex?

Now that you know the importance of shaft flex, we should look at some of the effects that these two different levels of flex would have on your overall performance.

To give you a better understanding of each, we will break them down and allow you to see which of these would be the overall best for your game:

Senior Flex

The senior flex is one of the lightest shafts on the market today, and it typically works for players with a slower swing speed (80 MPH). These shafts are often made from graphite materials, making the club easier to use and allowing the player to launch the golf ball much better while reducing fatigue from the shot.

The main idea for the senior flex is to help older players. Since the player who gets older would lose some of their strength, they could easily lose some of the speed in their swing. The more flexible shaft would counteract this issue by allowing the player to generate more momentum through the flexibility of the shaft.

Senior Flex works best for swing speeds of around 80 MPH

Regular Flex

Most golf clubs you buy off the shelve would have the regular flex for the golf shaft. These clubs can be made with steel or graphite shafts. The shaft is not as flexible as the senior option and would provide a bit more stiffness. Since you ought to have a decent swing speed, it would help significantly keep the club stable.

As mentioned, when you walk into any golf store and buy a new golf club shaft, you are bound to find the regular shaft as the most popular option among the different shafts. It might also be a bit heavier than some of the other shafts, which would ensure that you have some additional power.

Regular Flex works best for swing speeds around 95 MPH

Which Shaft Should I Choose?

Now that you have seen the differences between these two golf shafts, you might be wondering which one you should choose. Fortunately, we have you covered, and you can use the following list to help you better understand the right shaft for your needs. Here are some of the most essential features to keep in mind:

1- Swing Speed

The player’s swing speed is one of the important determining factors you should keep in mind. If the swing speed is lower than 80 MPH, the player must consider the senior golf shaft to help create additional momentum. However, those with a swing speed of more than 90 MPH would be best with a regular shaft.

One thing we would suggest is that you would need to keep the club you are using in mind as well. Most players can generate more speed from the driver than they would from an iron. You must understand your flex might vary depending on the club you choose, which could significantly affect performance.

2- Distance

One way to find out if you have the optimal level of flex on your golf club is to consider the distance you are currently achieving. If you can hit the golf ball close to the 200-yard mark, your flex should be sufficient. For instance, a player who can hit 200-yards with the regular flex shaft should consider sticking to it.

On the other hand, a player who only manages 180-yards with the regular shaft might need to consider the senior shaft. The additional flex in the shaft would enable you to get a little more flex from the club, which would launch the golf ball further.

3- Player Age

One of the most telling factors when you need a different shaft would be when it comes to the age of the player. Older players would do best when using the senior flex due to the loss of strength, which would result in a loss of swing speed.

The senior flex golf club would ensure that you have a lighter club, which would flex more throughout the shot and enable you to get a little more momentum from the shot.  Nowadays, club fitters would make it incredibly easy for players to choose the different shaft and add it to their club.

Senior Flex Vs. Regular Flex
Senior Flex Vs. Regular Flex: Key differences and which one should you be using? –

4- Launch Angle

One of the important things to keep in mind when playing golf is the launch angle of the shot. At 45 degrees, you would be at the optimal launch height. However, when you hit the ball too high or too low, you could have some trouble with it not having enough distance.

The main reason older and weaker players have a hard time getting enough height on the ball after a shot is due to the shaft weight. If the weight of the shaft is too heavy, the player will have a hard time with swing speed and accuracy. However, the senior flex shaft would make it much easier for the player to launch the ball. 

5- Accuracy/ Shot Shaping

Accuracy is one of the main issues that most beginners can struggle with. Most players tend to slice the golf ball, which results in the ball going off to the right. This can happen when the shaft is too stiff for the player or when a weaker player is forcing the shot with a stiff shaft.

The senior shaft would add the additional flexibility that the player would need to make perfect contact with the golf ball. One way you could know that the change must be made is when you lose distance and some accuracy with your shots.

How To Transition To A Different Shaft?

One of the hardest things you could do is make the transition from one shaft to the other on the golf course. Golf fitting technology is probably your best bet, and the assistance of a club fitter would always be helpful to a player. However, you can easily change the shaft of your golf club at home and ensure that everything is working.

We would recommend trying one club at a time to see how the change would affect your performance. As we have mentioned, the variety of different shafts would also mean that certain clubs would work much better with different shafts, which you should keep in mind. 

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right flex for your shaft is an important part of playing golf. There are numerous options on the market today, but only a few of them are useful.

The senior flex would be best for older players with slower swing speeds, while younger players would enjoy the regular flex. Be sure to tell us in the comment section which one you would prefer.

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