What Do Golfers Use For Sweaty Hands: 5 helpful tips!

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What Do Golfers Use For Sweaty Hands

Few things are as frustrating as dealing with sweaty hands when you are playing golf. Not only does it become harder to grip the golf clubs, but you often find that controlling the clubs can be another challenge in and through itself.

You want to make sure you are dealing with sweaty hands effectively to ensure you can control the club. One of the main things you often see players do when it comes to sweaty hands is to use a glove.

On the one hand, the glove will provide additional grip, but having more insulation might lead to more sweat. Some players simply cool their hands before shots and this will prevent some of the sweat while wiping the sweat from the grip.

As you can see, there are a variety of techniques you can use to assist you in dealing with sweat. These are only a few of the most common, but for most players, there are additional tips and tricks.

This article aims to dive deeper into sweaty hands on the golf course to ensure that you know exactly how to deal with them. 

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How To Deal With Sweaty Hands When Playing Golf

Nothing is more frustrating than sweaty hands, and this could be on or off the golf course. As the summer months roll by, sweaty hands are often one of the main problems many golfers have to deal with.

Some of the risks include the golf clubs slipping and losing their grip, resulting in poor shots. However, I have learned a few tricks to counteract sweaty hands on the golf course.

1- Start With Your Hands

By leaving your golf clubs for a few minutes in the sun, the sweat is bound to evaporate from the club. A slight breeze would also eliminate most of the clubs’ sweat, which could dry out the grips.

However, your hands will be where the problem comes in, and leaving them filled with sweat will transfer them back to the clubs.

  • Towel: One of the most basic methods to keep your hands dry would be to rely on a towel in your bag. Once you have played a round or before each shot, you could take the towel and make sure your hands are dry.
  • Hand Sanitizer: While Covid-19 is almost outdated in 2022, hand sanitizer is still readily available. Due to the high alcohol content would remove sweat and dry your hands out when playing golf. 
  • Powder: It might seem uncomfortable to powder your hands before you play. However, I have seen some of the world’s strongest men heavily rely on powder to ensure a sufficient grip when lifting heavy weights. The same logic could be transferred over to golf.

Sweat does not originate from the club or the grips. Your hands are mostly responsible for creating the sweat and this means it is best to address the problem from the root.

You would want to remove as much sweat from your hands as possible when playing golf.

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2- Buy A Glove Or Three

Gloves are a common sight in the sport of golf today, and they not only help prevent blisters from the clubs, but they can give you a solid grip without sweat interference. Unfortunately, sweat can build up within the glove, making it even more frustrating as your hands could slip around inside the glove.

One glove might not be sufficient for your game, and if you interchange gloves, it might help to dim the problem even more.

You could interchange gloves between holes, giving the previous glove some time to dry out.  The Callaway Golf Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove is by far one of my favorites when accounting for the price and the value.

However, here are three more options to consider:

Hundreds of gloves are available from numerous online marketplaces, and all of these gloves could help ensure you have optimal performance and improve your game while keeping your hands dry.

3- Consider A Better Grip

Most standard golf clubs come with the standard grip added by the manufacturer. One of the major issues with this is that your grip would never be capable of wicking away moisture as efficiently as it should. Grips are not that expensive, but you might come across a few more expensive options.

The Winn Dri-Tac Standard Size Golf Grips might be more expensive than some of the other options available online, but they have excellent features.

These features are sure to provide you with adequate comfort and insulation. They should also allow you to fit all your clubs and wick away most of the moisture.

4- Powder Or Sandpaper

This might seem a bit unconventional, but basic baby powder is often used for rash when lots of sweat build up in your body.

The same logic could apply to your grips and you might want to have a tub of baby powder in your kit. You can sprinkle some of the powder onto the golf clubs’ grips, which would eliminate most moisture.

Sandpaper is highly unconventional, but rubbing the grips with sandpaper can remove plenty of sweat and moisture from the clubs.

It could essentially serve as a new method of making your grips tackier. Keep in mind that you don’t want to be too vigorous, which might erode some of the rubber from the grips and thin them out.

5- Taking Breaks

While it is not always easy to take a break when you are in the middle of a round. You might want to break for a few minutes if possible.

If you have played a great shot and know that you are at the back of the line when it comes to playing your next shot, you can leave the club in the sun and wind for a few minutes in the hopes of drying up some sweat.

Keep in mind that this might not be sufficient, and we often recommend that players do this anyway. Using one of the other methods could assist in the process of making sure that your golf clubs are in the optimal operating condition for use.

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Does Sweaty Hands Affect My Gameplay?

If you have never played a round of golf in the summer, you have been spared the frustration of dealing with large amounts of sweat on your hands. Unfortunately, sweaty hands can be frustrating, and you will notice plenty of inconsistencies in your shots. You won’t be able to grip the golf clubs, which reduces your performance adequately.

It is always best to think forward and assume that you will end up with sweaty hands after a few rounds of playing. You can implement some of the previous methods or techniques that are sure to help alleviate some of the sweat from your hands when needed

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Why Don’t You See The Pro Golfers Struggle With Sweaty Hands?

If you are like me and you enjoy watching a few rounds of golf throughout the weekend on the television, you will hardly ever see a player being affected by the sweat of their hands on the golf club.

However, when you visit a golf tournament like the Pro-Am, you see how frustrated players get when their hands are sweaty.

Keep in mind that television coverage will mostly focus on the playing of the game, and once a player is done, the cameras move to the next player. What happens in between is often unknown to most viewers.  In general, the players are simply walking to the next hole or the next shot.

However, you often see the caddy hand them a towel or whatever method they use to deal with sweaty hands. One of the first things I noticed is that most pro players will immediately remove their gloves after a shot.

Not only might it be uncomfortable for them to wear it, but they often rely on the break between shots to dry out the glove.

In essence, all players, including your favorite pro player, deal with sweaty hands. Due to years of experience, many of them have learned how to cope with it. You also see baby powder often being used to dry out the hands of the player. 

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Final Thoughts

One way to screw up a good golf session is when you are dealing with sweaty hands. It is daunting, and you often have to push through, which could affect how you play shots or how the club behaves.

Each player has their own way of dealing with this problem on the golf course. We would love to see some of your comments on how you deal with sweaty hands on the golf course.


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