What Is A 60 Degree Wedge Used For? (Including its benefits!)

What Is A 60 Degree Wedge Used For

The lob wedge or 60-degree wedge is often overlooked when it comes to buying new golf clubs. Most golfers focus on the irons and woods, which include a few smaller wedges like the sand wedge and pitching wedge.

But does the lob wedge or 60-degree wedge add any value to your game? The sand wedge (54-56 degrees) is often the most common wedge found in kits of many golfers. Players find it much easier to play with this club, and it offers plenty of versatility. Additionally, it enables the player to control the ball better and can eliminate some of the effects of wind. However, the 60-degree options might give you more distance.

As you’d expect, there is plenty of debate surrounding the 60-degree lob wedge, which has forced us to dive deeper and find out why some players opt for it.

We will also look at some of the strengths and drawbacks offered by this wedge. You can decide whether you need the lob wedge or if the sand wedge will suffice.

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What Is The Purpose Of The 60-Degree Wedge?

Before we find out if you need one or not, we should explore the purpose of the 60-degree wedge. It is most commonly used close to the green, enabling the player to play small chip shots onto the green. If used from too far of a distance, it would be affected by the wind, but closer to the green, it can keep the ball low and roll.

One of the main things that golfers often need is more loft. The level of loft you need can be determined by the landscape and certain obstacles. One of the most common obstacles you should clear near the green would be hills. It can be very daunting when putting, and you need to clear hills.

Back in the day, golf courses were designed with flat greens, and the surrounding landscape made it useful to play with a sand wedge. However, modern golf courses are slightly more complicated, and if you are not playing on the Old Course at St. Andrews, the lob wedge would add additional loft to clear smaller hills.

Four Benefits Of The 60-Degree Wedge

Once you determine that the versatility of the 60-degree wedge makes it useful, you should look at some of the different benefits that it could offer.

Many of these benefits would make it a useful option for most golfers to consider. We have identified a few of the main benefits that might persuade you to consider the 60-degree wedge:

1- Versatility

While the sand wedge is arguably the most popular wedge in the golf kits of many players, it does lack some versatility when it comes to playing certain shots.

The sand wedge requires precision, and when you have a hill in front of you, you might need to jump over it with a bounce. The additional loft of the lob wedge makes it more useful to clear some of these obstacles.

2- Forgiveness

Due to the angle of the wedge, which we all know to be 60 degrees, some players might have a bit more forgiveness when playing their shots.

If you accidentally hit the golf ball too hard, you could find that the additional loft reduces the momentum of the golf ball. Reduced momentum should prevent the golf ball from rolling too far from a bad shot.

Additionally, it adds slightly more power, which means an underpowered shot should go farther than it would when using a sand wedge.

Due to the additional tolerance afforded by the lob wedge, it is one of the most useful options that could significantly enhance and improve your overall game.

3- Greater Distance

While we mentioned the greater distance, the lob wedge often gives you slightly more distance than some other options.

Due to the nature of the club, it tends to get more air, and the additional air will drive the ball slightly further. You don’t need to play a power shot, and you might still attain plenty of distance.

4- Less Technical 

The final reason for having the lob wedge is similar to that of the driver. The great thing about using a driver is that many of them are forgiving.

If you aim for distance, you might achieve it with limited mis-hits. The same is true for the lob wedge. You will need less precision than you might need when using any of the other wedges. 

Should You Buy A 60-Degree Wedge?

The 60-degree wedge is one of the most useful golf clubs you can own. It features numerous benefits, and when compared to other wedges, you can see how big of a difference it would make to your game. Many golf clubs’ sold in bulk often include the 60-degree wedge, which offers tons of versatility.

Beginners should choose the 60-degree wedge over any other wedge options. However, it can be useful to have additional clubs like the sand wedge in your kit. The sand wedge can help you play specific shots on flatter terrains. You will find a use for both of these golf clubs in your kit.

Essentially, any golfer taking the game seriously should consider adding the lob wedge or 60-degree wedge to their kit for the most effective performance and results. 

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How Do You Improve Your Wedge Shot?

Once you have established that the Lob wedge should be part of your kit, you might find that you initially struggle with your shots and placement.

However, the lob wedge is functional and offers a wide array of unique features. It is best to master using this club, and we have identified a few tips that could help you improve:

1- Swing Speed

Unlike many of your other clubs, a fast swing speed might not always be the best thing for your lob wedge. If you hit the golf ball too hard, the energy transfer does not occur fast enough, which could thin out the shot, and you could lose the distance.

Additionally, you might miss the sweet spot. We would recommend finding the perfect swing speed through practice.

2- Know When You Should Use It

Like many other clubs in your golf kit, knowing when to use the lob wedge is important. If you are 50-yards from the pin, the lob wedge won’t help you get there unless you power through the shot.

The best time to use the lob wedge will be when you are closer to the green. It should simply lob the golf ball from the fringe, rough, or fairway onto the green.

3- Ensure Your Stance Is Correct

While you might have a set stance when playing with your other golf clubs, you might need to consider slightly changing your stance for the lob wedge.

You want to ensure you have a wide base, providing comfort when swinging. Additionally, the hip rotation should be open so as not to block the path of the swing or the club movement.

4- Ensure You Feel The Club Weight

Another important factor you should keep in mind is the weight of the golf club and your grip. No matter which golf club you use, the grip is one of the essential parts of the game.

You want to feel the weight of the lob wedge, and this would give you an idea of the power. Once you know the weight, it will allow you to adjust the swing speed to reach your target with more accuracy.

5- Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, you will need to spend a couple of hours each week playing golf. You might want to visit the driving range to find out what the lob wedge can do, but game situations are the most important.

You will find yourself in various friendly situations that could allow you to experiment and try out the lob wedge. 

Do I Need An Expensive Lob Wedge?

The great thing about golf clubs is that they vary in price and brand. You can find lob wedges ranging from $30 on the lower end of the spectrum. However, some of the elite options could be close to $250. If you are constantly staring into the price, you might not make the best decision and want to opt for the feel.

Unfortunately, this makes buying the lob wedge online a lot harder. Essentially, you want the graphite shaft for the additional flex, and you want to control the club’s weight more efficiently.

You don’t need an expensive lob wedge, but you need to make sure it feels comfortable when using it.

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Wrapping Up

The lob wedge can make a big difference to your game, and it is often one of the clubs that could win or lose your games.

While it does not have any impact on how you get to the green, you can find some incredible chips to the pin from the side of the green.


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