Why Are Golf Carts So expensive? (Here’s why!)

Golf is a fun sport that helps you exercise various muscles and improve flexibility. However, it can be exhausting to play the game if you have to walk the course. This is why you may be considering getting a golf cart to move easily while changing places.

However, golf carts are not cheap and may cost you a fortune. This is why athletes primarily use them. But, why are golf carts so expensive?

Golf carts are expensive because they are targeted at wealthy buyers; they have few manufacturers, and they come with extra luxurious upgrades, including lights, radios heating, cushioned seats, heat and Air conditioning (AC), and even USB ports to charge your mobile device.

Keep in mind that some luxury golf clubs also offer them to members. Read on to find out the main reasons why golf carts are expensive.

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Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive
Why Are Golf Carts So expensive? (Here’s why!) – golfingsphere.com

Is It Worth Buying a Golf Cart?

A golf cart is worth buying because it can benefit you, particularly if you intend to use it regularly. Typical uses of a golf cart include:

  • Playing golf.
  • Riding around your community, retirement neighborhood.
  • Even moving things around your property, including dump beds for dirt, garden tools, and chain saws. 
  • Golf carts are great for campgrounds and neighborhoods.

One of your first big decisions when purchasing a golf cart is choosing between gas or battery-powered motors. The table shows the benefits And downsides of owning a golf cart.

Gas Golf Carts

Electric Golf Carts
Benefits– It saves you time
– It can bear heavy loads
– Gas golf carts are easy to refill
– Gas golf carts are suitable for long distances
– They can climb up hills easily
– They are environmentally friendly because they create zero emissions.
– They are less noisy compared to gas-operated golf carts.
– They can be a safer option.
– They generally cost less and require lower maintenance.
– Electric golf carts are easier to use and more refined.
– Electric golf carts always start.
Drawbacks – They are environmentally friendly since they use fuel which creates more pollution.
– They can get muddy and noisy.
– They have higher operating cost and requires consistent maintenance.
– The noise and smell of the gasoline make a gas-operated golf cart inconvenient to use.
– It can be challenging to properly estimate their battery life.
– Electric golf carts cost more to build, making them more expensive.
– You can typically not recharge them onsite if their battery runs out of power.
– The Cost of Batteries can be high
Table Displays The Pros And Cons Of Gas Operated And Electric Golf Carts – golfingsphere.com

9 Reasons Why Golf Carts Are Expensive

Here are the top nine reasons why golf carts are expensive:

1- Golf Carts Are Considered Like Vehicles

This is the primary reason golf carts are so expensive. They are vehicles designed using various mechanical parts. The production cost of the cart is relatively high, so brands sell the vehicle for a high price. Some people also refer to them as golf cars instead of carts due to the classification.

The vehicle may be small, but its function and mechanical parts remain the same as standard cars. So you have to pay them as per the classification.

These carts also have a minimum legal age for driving, so they are not designed for all. In some states, people aged 13 and above can use the vehicle, while 14 is the minimum limit in other places.

2- The Narrowed Intended Usage of a Golf Car Makes Them Expensive

Golf carts were primarily designed to help people move easily on the golf course. However, their purpose is not restricted to that anymore.

Many people purchase the vehicle to move on their expansive property without tiring themselves out. Some people also use the vehicle for cruising around their gated neighborhood.

Since golf carts have become a niche product, their prices have increased significantly. The vehicles are not readily available, like microwaves and televisions. This also increases the product’s price causing it to be more expensive than other golf accessories.

Golf cars generally have a specific purpose different from a street-legal golf cart. And, for safety reasons, a street-legal golf cart typically will cost more. For example, there are extra costs incurred by the manufacturers or even dealers to prepare your cart for a more specific use. And

Unless you choose a basic golf cart with no upgrades, these additional upgrades and options will affect the price you pay.

3- Golf Carts Typically Come With Luxury Modifications

The old golf carts may have a basic design with a mechanical steering wheel for moving the vehicle. However, that is not the case anymore. You will find different models of the cart, including electric golf carts. These work on batteries and cost relatively higher than the manual models.

Some golf carts also have luxury modifications such as Bluetooth connectivity and an automatic speedometer.

Many also come with safety upgrades like taillights and responsive brakes. These additions cause the vehicle production cost to rise, increasing the price.

4- There Is a The limited Number of Golf Car Manufacturers

You may believe the golf cart market includes various manufacturers, but it is not true. The economy is maintained by a few key players, which significantly affects the pricing of this vehicle. Club Car, Yamaha, and E-Z-Go are the top three companies with the majority of market shares

Some lesser-known brands are also present, but they are relatively new. This is why the three major companies set the bar for golf cart pricing.

Here is a short list of a few newer and smaller golf car manufacturers: 

  • American Custom Golf Carts (ACG)
  • Evolution
  • Polaris
  • Garia
  • Tomberlin
  • Star EV

The figures are also relatively similar to help companies make high profits while offering tough competition. So you should expect a golf cart to cost you more than a few thousand dollars.

5- Golf Carts Require High-Quality Parts

A golf cart contains high-quality parts designed to last for a long time. The high durability increases the manufacturing cost of the vehicle. If the producer uses cheap material to keep the price low, the cart will not last for a long time. 

So you will end up losing more money because the repair and replacement costs are high. This is why companies charge high to meet their manufacturing budget. They also ensure you receive a product with a high lifespan so that you don’t have to worry about additional charges.

Companies that care about their industry reputation must work with high-quality parts, meaning they must invest in high-quality material.


6- The Demand For Golf Carts Is Relatively High

Every year, the number of professional and recreational golfers increase. More courses are also designed, so the demand for carts is relatively high.

However, the supply is limited because building new vehicles cost high for the companies. The current economic situation also severely affected the market with the loss of employees and the closure of golf courses.

Since the supply is limited, but demand is high, the prices of golf carts already on the market are high too. The companies are charging more to gain profits for releasing new models and compensating for losses caused by the economic downturn. Electric carts are also becoming more prevalent than gas-powered options affecting the pricing.

If you are tight budget, I suggest you find an old electric golf cart on Craigslist or Facebook. Electric golf cars generally tend to be cheaper because they need new batteries.

You can learn to do many upgrades with decent homemaking skills and YouTube videos.

A used gas-powered cart might also be an option, but older gas-powered golf carts can require some extra attention, particularly if they have been sitting for a long time.

7- Golf Carts Require Higher Shipping Fees

Finding a golf cart dealership near you may be relatively easy due to the various shops. However, that does not mean you can evade paying shipping fees. The manufacturers pay for shipping the carts to a dealer who then charges you more to cover the charges.

Some suppliers charge only a few hundred dollars, while others may take more than a thousand dollars. This primarily depends on the company and shipping distance. So even if you don’t buy the cart online, escaping from the additional charges is impossible.

So, you might wonder how much does it cost to ship a golf car?

Generally, the cost to ship a golf cart varies depending on the distance from pick up to delivery, the kind of service you need for transport, and how soon you want your golf cart (timeframe).

On average, it costs between $100 to $200 for local shipments and $300 to $600 for long-distance shipments to ship a golf cart, according to uShip, a Texas-based company specializing in shipping services.

8- Golf Carts Are Generally Targetted To Rich Customers

Golf carts are luxury vehicles that are primarily purchased by athletes, luxury golf clubs, and elite society members. The manufacturers also know their customers well and that they don’t mind paying high for the vehicles due to convenience. This is why they have no incentive to decrease their golf cart prices.

Many wealthy customers also purchase the vehicle to help their security travel across the property. The quality of the carts matters more to most clients than the price. So the different brands meet customer satisfaction by offering fancy upgrades and features.

9- One-Time Purchase

Another reason behind a golf cart’s high price is that it is a one-time purchase. People don’t buy the vehicle frequently and repair the ones they already have to save money. This is why companies charge more for the vehicle to make a good profit during the one-time sale. The parts also allow the cart to last for a long time.

Besides that, customers don’t have to change their golf carts when new models with smart features are released. Many vehicles are adaptable and can be modified by purchasing additional accessories. So most customers upgrade their old cart instead of getting a new one.

Average Cost of Building a Golf Cart

Building a golf cart is relatively expensive for manufacturers due to the cost of various parts. Seat belts cost about $180 per piece, while the starting price of stereo systems is $240. Depending on the supplier, rear seat conversion kits also cost $551 or more.

A lift kit is also priced at $485 as pert cartpartusa.com. Meanwhile, one off-road wheel has an average cost of$220. So the manufacturer pays $1,000 to get the tires for a single golf cart. The engine parts also cost more than a few thousand dollars. 

This is why the average cost to build a vehicle rises from about $5,000 to $15,000. The figure may also be higher if the cart includes various luxury modifications and it is electric-powered.

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Bottom Line

This is all the information you require about why golf carts are so expensive. These vehicles are costly because of the high demand, limited manufacturers, expensive parts, and luxury modifications. Automatic golf carts are more costly than manual. 

So you must consider the different factors affecting the price when purchasing a golf cart. Looking at the specifications will also help you determine whether the vehicle is worth it or if the supplier is charging you excessively high.


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